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Red Pig Flower Reviews Dark Moon EP by Matt Keyl on Illegal Allien Records

What is legal and  what is illegal? What is the  difference between legal things and illegal things? I assume law was first created to make some kind or order in the world but what is  law these days? Does it make sense? Apart from basic law , like do not kill people, do not steal […]

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Red Pig Flower reviews “Hysterical Naked EP” by Howl Ensemble, All Inn Records

This year, the winter is pretty hard. Winter is a hard season for me, to get over the British winter, which is dark, cold and depressing, I’ve done almost everything which I could do, try to go out, try to smile, try to meet up people and drink, but in the end of the day […]

Alessandro Osini - Pau Sin EP 1400x1400
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Red Pig Flower reviews Pau Sin EP by Alessandro Osini on 66 KHz

Hi Hdnsm family, Happy New Year, to start 2013, I’m going to revie an EP which is related to our Hdnsm girls, as New Year is all about family and friends, isn’t it? First, time when I was asked to write down review about EP “Pau Sin” which contains 2 tracks “Ann Ha” and “Maria […]

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Vast with London Friends at Bar A Bar

Date / Saturday, 19 January 2013 Time / 9pm till late Venue / Bar A Bar/ 133-135 Stoke Newington Road; Stoke Newington; London N16 8BT; United Kingdom Cost / 5GBP Line-up / Yeser & Gr1njo [Nooned] Johnny Fiore [Flood] Luca Ruf [Nice1] Knock Red pig flower Ceri Stokes & Al James Promoter / VAST Hello VAST family, we going to have our birthday […]

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Red Pig Flower reviews “Greek Mountain” EP by Theo Komp

Even though I have never been to Greece, after I got to know few Greeks in London, I couldn’t get away from them anymore. I found…Greeks are so special, they are way too warm, way too pushy, way to passionate, way too fun,way too..Everything is too much about them! So sometimes I am having a […]

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Red Pig Flower reviews Port One Records “Yellow Head Ep”s

How many people know about Bulgarian scene and artists? :) Actually, I didn’t even know where  Bulgaria is, I mean… I knew but to be honest,  I was not interested in that scene, but one day I got to know one young artist from Bulgaria.  His name is Anton Pau and the reason why I […]

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Red Pig Flower reviews “Second Confusion” -[Lazerslut Recordings] by Miro Pajic

Today, I’m going to talk about “Lazerslut Recording” ‘s new EP (no.34), “Second Confusion”.   Ok, let’s talk about Miro Pajic” first: he is a DJ , producer, and live artist  based in Berlin. I  got to know him in a bit of unusual way, it was surreal, even if I’m not going to mention […]

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Red Pig Flower reviews “King Lear EP” by Zadak, Kotelett, Samuel Fach and John Gham

Hi, Red Pig Flower again, to talk about an interesting album As some of you probably noticed, I always prefer to meet and feel something directly, I mean there is so many good productions and artists out there, but if you do not see and listen to  them directly, how you can talk about something […]

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300 Family: Red Pig Flower reviews “Weak Ballet EP” by G.Verrina & G. Ventura

[O300F002] G.VERRINA & G.VENTURA – WEAK BALLET Artists & Title: G.Verrina & G.Ventura – Weak Ballet Label: ONLY300 Family Catalogue#: O300F002 Date: soon Format: 12″ Vinyl Country: Italy Tracklist: A1. Weak Ballet A2. Weak Ballet (Veras Ronde De Jambre Rmx) B1. Snake Eyes B2. Kick Sparrow Ass   Hi, it is Wednesday, so Red Pig Flower’s review again ;) It is cool to able to express my […]