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Repeat Music RPTM01 Play.Stop.Repeat

Review by Red Pig Flower It is always fun to get involved in family business, especially when you have something to be proud of with your family member! Repeat is an Offenbach (Germany) based label, founded by Matthias Schildger & Carlo Ietri in 2013. The label boasts some very  talented musicians with unusual, characteristic sounds […]

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Top 10: Theo Komp

01. Carlos_sanchez-put_your_soul_in_front_(original_mix)-[8Bit]-2013-07-10 02. Sis-Mangalarga (Original Full Mix)-[Cocolino]-2013-07-10 03. Ten Walls – Gotham-[Innervisions]-2013-06-10 04. 2 Cellos-Smooth Criminal (Theo Komp Remix) 05. Aldo Cadiz, Ricky Erre Love – Press For Two (original mix)-[Desolat]-2012-12-03 06. Red Pig Flower – Secret talk-[Entail Records]-2013-07-01 07. She Says – You don’t love me (Sub Secret […]

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Interivew with Reinier Zonneveld

What is good thing about being young? And what is good thing about being old(mature)? Definitely I love mature dj and producers who makes me feel nostalgia and history, but definitely I can’t help my excitement when I find new young talent. When Ronald (owner of Illegal Alien Records) asked me to listen to new […]

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Red Pig Flower interviews Ricardo Garduno, Illegal Alien Records

Hello, Ricardo, nice to meet you again, could you introduce yourself to us Hi Red, the  pleasure is mine! Well, I am Ricardo Garduno and I was born in Mexico, and I love to make music! I also own a label called Illegal Alien Records and it’s been around for over 5 years, getting continuous […]