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HDNSM #229: tase

tase grew up in Bucharest as the Romanian sound was emerging globally and inevitably started going to parties. Having been into music since an early age searching and collecting music was something familiar. As soon as I could afford it I started collecting vinyls. After moving to England where music is easier to find I […]

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HDNSM #223: Ehne

The project is created for education of musical tastes in severe everyday life of the public. In creativity it will be collected ease and tenderness of melodies, clearness and roughness of rhythms. Connection of mankind with the nature and immersing it in a pacification.

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HDNSM #214: Arches

Arches aka Arthur Chester – a new wave of Russian underground DJ’s living in the third capital – Kazan city. Owner of the online magazine PODZEMKA (everything about quality music). Playing ang organising most city underground parties for last last 2-3 years. Resident of Plombir, United Underground, Intellect, also have an INSOLA radioshow at 06 […]

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HDNSM #213: Consep

Consep is a new name on the underground scene, the project created by Ukrainian DJ and producer in 2016. His style includes shades of techno, house and minimal groove. At the moment prepared are three of the vinyl release with his participation and will be released soon. He draws his inspiration from Cristi Cons, Vlad […]

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HDNSM # 209: Meshugge

Born and raised in a small village in the west of Germany Daniel alias Meshugge moved for his studies to Cologne where he came in touch with the local electronic music scene influenced by his former girlfriend at the age of 23. Falling in love with deep melodic and technological sounds he decided to become […]

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HDNSM #207: Marcel

After years of DJing and exploring genres in electronic music, Marcel pursues his future as an artist in music production and live performance. Marcel’s style derives from minimal and techno roots. His project aims to create a unique deep tech experience.”’