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HDNSM Variant EP by VA Cumsecade, Anestie Gomez and Man Spider

A simple feather, monochrome colours, and immense love for dark, atmospheric and driving, underground music. These are the fundamental forces behind HDNSM, and finally, after months of planning, we can finally present, to all our friend and followers, one of the newest projects in the HDNSM house: VARIANT EP (PART 1). A milestone and dream […]

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Interview with Soul.On Records

Hi guys! How are you? We are really impressed with the latest input from your label Soul.On! With first release from Kashawar and Nu Zau we expected nothing less than an amazing second release and are really excited to chat to you Soul.on is a great name – what does it mean, how did it […]

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HDNSM # 59: Anestie Gomez

He looks bored, yet restless, with a blank face, yet searching eyes. Confident solely in controversy, Anestie only stands still in the utmost moments of insanity, as if for emphasis. Born in Athens, Greece, on a rainy day * in the long forgotten 80’s, Anestie to his mom, always had an innate and almost unbearable […]