HDNSM LIVE # 13: Nummer

Nummer is a London-based duo of DJs, making, playing and loving house music. Their inspirations and influences are varied and stem from classic 90’s house/techno with artists such as Moodymann, Glenn Underground, Robert Hood or Boo Williams to more recent producers such as Motor City Drum Ensemble or Sound Stream


HDNSM LIVE # 6: Michael L Penman

Michael is a creative and ambitious music producer and sound designer from Scotland. He has travelled across the globe for many years, working in the music industry in the likes of Los Angeles, London and Berlin. Michael has developed his sound and technique by taking huge influences from his ever changing surroundings. This has helped […]

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HDNSM LIVE # 10: Odd Music

OdD first came on the scene in 2012 with their live stream “OdDsession” live on www.projectfmlive.co.ukplaying various styles of House music amongst their own productions. Both Damian and Danny have been Born into music as there fathers where Reggae musicians and this has been their main inspiration plus the fact that they both share a passion […]


HDNSM LIVE # 7: Raphael Fragil

RAPHAEL (FRAGIL MUSIQUE / LONDON) Boss of Fragil Music label, which is currently experiencing a meteoric rise in the world of deep and underground techno, Raphael is always willing to share his music: he mixes only on vinyl and his selection spans a polished extra-wide musical spectrum.His label Fragil ranges from house to techno, vinyl […]