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Tvir is a vinyl only label based in Ukraine. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means composition. Our second release comes from two Moscow based musicians. Victor Lihonosov (Rabotnic) is the owner of Antrakt label, resident of Rodnya club and Kirill Silantyev (SiL) is more known for his work in the duo Easy Changes. This first collaboration […]

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KIM – Vostok 1 EP-Tvir

Tvir is a vinyl only label based in Ukraine. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means “composition”. The artwork for the EP`s are inspired by Ukrainian folklore influences. Concept by Iuliia Savchenko & Vyacheslav Gura more known as Komponente. Design by Julia Bancilhon & Alexander Gusakov. Mastering by Rob Small. Distributed by Memoria.  

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HDNSM Variant EP (Part 2) HDNSM 002

Hedonism is the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life, and this seems to also be HDNSM’s ultimate musical objective. Their first release debuted as a kickstarter of “Variant EP” V.A. series, showcasing three very different yet highly contemplative works […]

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Lizz Sunet Introspect Music Is Art 002

Review by Olia Mi Music Is Art’s second release delivers some quality pleasing sounds to even most demanding meloman. In best Romanian tradition both tracks combine strong base with beautiful touchings of subtle vocals and mesmerising chimes. Whilst staying deep and minimal, they still make you dance in some trippy haze. While side A is […]

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Repeat Music RPTM01 Play.Stop.Repeat

Review by Red Pig Flower It is always fun to get involved in family business, especially when you have something to be proud of with your family member! Repeat is an Offenbach (Germany) based label, founded by Matthias Schildger & Carlo Ietri in 2013. The label boasts some very  talented musicians with unusual, characteristic sounds […]

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Picknik Recordings, No.20

Picknik Recordings, No.20 Release date: 15th Sep 2014 French artist Mikolai has come back to “Picknik recordings” with very strong release “High on” , if someone remember his previous release on Picknik which had smooth,sexy, and real groovy productions, this “High on” Ep could give you little bit of fresh shocks,  as it contain dark […]

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Hisham Synesthésie Générale on Udopiya Dusk & Dawn

Review by Leander The Moroccan based event group has pushed its vision and reach forward by releasing their first record by the talented Hisham, with a melodic and melancholic collection of tracks. The EP starts of with a groove monster entitled ‘Joy’. With simplistic bass impressions and a gated snare the track flows throughout nine […]