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Gautier Borot fell into music at an early age. Trained at the Conservatory of Lyon for 11 years. His big brother was the one who introduced him to techno. Once the techno door opened, he quickly became addicted, and of course began by mixing, before naturally putting himself into production. He has published several EPs […]

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HDNSM #237: Aniska

Born in Belarus, raised in Czech Republic, passion for music started for Aniska with his mom’s vinyl and tape collection from early childhood. By growing up he was mostly influenced by old school hiphop and after moving to Czech capital, Prague, he discovered his real passion for electronic music. Regularly attending events and getting to […]

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HDNSM #236: Fedotov

FEDOTOV DJ since 2008. Music Production since 2014. Fedotov, from Warsaw in Poland, is considered one of the most unusual polish producers of minimal electronic music today. Actively issued on interesting labels and fruitfully is working on new projects. Specific musical looks and creative approach to the favorite music directions – house and techno. In […]

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HDNSM #235: Nicolas Bouzas

Nicolas Bouzas is an Argentinian DJ and producer born in 1991. After attending many parties, his attraction to electronic music became stronger and that’s when the deep house captivated him and inspired him to become a musician. He started producing his own sounds using all the tools possible to innovate and create original deep house […]

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HDNSM #234: Dubgrade

Transylvanian born guy, Dubgrade, has a strong passion for house music. Started playing in a local club at the age of 14, now almost heaving 12 years of dj experience. About a year ago became resident dj at a local club in his hometown. His vast multi-genre selection of non-commercial house tracks, with emphasis on […]

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HDNSM #233: Alex Simori

Born and raised in Romania, Alex Simori is a DJ, who from the early age of 15 had a taste of electronic music at a small party and since then, due the strong connection he felt, started to learn and began mixing at the same kind of parties, in order to develop that overwhelming feeling. […]

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HDNSM #232: Disabnormal

“Careful selector of fascinating dance grooves to make a feel-good moment.” That’s how Disabnormal aka Arman Jalili describes himself as a DJ. Having grown up with 60s and 70 rock, funk and jazz as well as Persian traditional music on his parent’s collection and also classical music as a classical guitar player, with his own […]

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HDNSM #230: Vanleer

Vanleer is a producer from Moldova.. Since he was a child he felt attracted to music. His productions are influenced by Tech-House, Techno, House, Deep, Minimal.. Trying hard to achieve the aim of perfecting selection and mix alongside with the permanent search for his very own and individual sound, also often he likes to experiment..

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HDNSM #229: tase

tase grew up in Bucharest as the Romanian sound was emerging globally and inevitably started going to parties. Having been into music since an early age searching and collecting music was something familiar. As soon as I could afford it I started collecting vinyls. After moving to England where music is easier to find I […]