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HDNSM #232: Disabnormal

“Careful selector of fascinating dance grooves to make a feel-good moment.” That’s how Disabnormal aka Arman Jalili describes himself as a DJ. Having grown up with 60s and 70 rock, funk and jazz as well as Persian traditional music on his parent’s collection and also classical music as a classical guitar player, with his own […]

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HDNSM #230: Vanleer

Vanleer is a producer from Moldova.. Since he was a child he felt attracted to music. His productions are influenced by Tech-House, Techno, House, Deep, Minimal.. Trying hard to achieve the aim of perfecting selection and mix alongside with the permanent search for his very own and individual sound, also often he likes to experiment..

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HDNSM #229: tase

tase grew up in Bucharest as the Romanian sound was emerging globally and inevitably started going to parties. Having been into music since an early age searching and collecting music was something familiar. As soon as I could afford it I started collecting vinyls. After moving to England where music is easier to find I […]

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HDNSM #227: Aies Conc

Aies Conc- 21 years old- born in Bacau (Romania). Keep myself underground and only play in small grups of people just to enjoy and feel the good vibes that people send back to me, Triyng to find new sounds, feelings and emotions to share with you!

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HDNSM #226: airkey

Airkey – techno/house DJ, was born in Syktyvkar, in Northern Russia. “I believe that “techno and deep electronics” is an integral part of the heritage of humanity and the part of world wide culture” (с) airkey )

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HDNSM #225: P V Ł V

P V Ł V, by his given name, Pavlov Igor was born 22 years ago in a town called Odessa on the Black Sea shores. Careful selection of rare delicate and complex sounds, preferring start with a more nocturnal atmospheric territory that gradually moves towards percussive interspersed sounds which then perfectly fall into the grooves […]

Josh Rawl & Massaï - HDNSM London Podcast
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HDNSM #224: Josh Rawl & Massaï

It is after sharing the decks for years, refining their electronic music taste, and discovering their mutual appreciation for a blend of music and a shared dream that Josh Rawl and Massaï decided to form their own collective and record label, Sentaku. The journey started with an encounter that promptly reached an equilibrium, the story […]

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HDNSM #223: Ehne

The project is created for education of musical tastes in severe everyday life of the public. In creativity it will be collected ease and tenderness of melodies, clearness and roughness of rhythms. Connection of mankind with the nature and immersing it in a pacification.