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HDNSM Variant EP by VA Cumsecade, Anestie Gomez and Man Spider

A simple feather, monochrome colours, and immense love for dark, atmospheric and driving, underground music. These are the fundamental forces behind HDNSM, and finally, after months of planning, we can finally present, to all our friend and followers, one of the newest projects in the HDNSM house: VARIANT EP (PART 1). A milestone and dream […]

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Interview with Second Step Records

Hey Matt! Great to meet you again! Second Step Records is nearing its first release and we can’t wait to find out more about the label from you! 1.     Our favourite question – why Second Step Records, how did you come up with the name and what happened to the first step? Hellooo HDNSM, Second step […]

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Interview with Memoria Recordings

First of all Izaak,  I just want to thank you for this opportunity, we have much respect for you, your label and your artists. How was Memoria established and by whom?   Memoria Recordings was founded in 2011 by my former partner Fares Benouchiba. A couple months later I joined him and together we worked for […]

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Interview with Bruno Santos [ Cleymoore] from Pluie/Noir

Hi Bruno! Great to chat to you today! We loved “Swan Lake” at HDNSM, myself especially as you may know , and quant’ wait to find out more about Pluie/Noir…  What is the main concept/idea of Pluie/Noir ? Hello! Thank you for the invitation. Pluie/Noir is about interaction, about this huge audio-visual system producing different […]

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WT Records

Vinyl record label from Brooklyn, NY. Founded by William T. Burnett in 2009. Hi, here is Red Pig Flower again, I haven’t seen you guys for a few weeks, as I was SUPER  busy, and I had to struggle with my emotional problems , because my party Vast’s co-organizer Knock has moved back to Japan: […]

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Swan Lake by Vlad Caia on Pluie/Noir

Was it the  fact that Vlad Caia’s “Swan Lake” has been the very first sound I ever heard in 2013 ( getting up at 9 am after 6 am finale, following yet another resolution…) or getting nostalgic for my roots with “Swan Lake” … ….either way it was THE perfect soundtrack to our morning and […]

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Red Pig Flower interviews Ricardo Garduno, Illegal Alien Records

Hello, Ricardo, nice to meet you again, could you introduce yourself to us Hi Red, the  pleasure is mine! Well, I am Ricardo Garduno and I was born in Mexico, and I love to make music! I also own a label called Illegal Alien Records and it’s been around for over 5 years, getting continuous […]