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HDNSM #242: Dub Fundation

Montreal-based dj Dub fundation is another immensely gifted selector that you may not yet have heard of . Dub was born in Algiers (North Africa) his passion for electronic music has emerged from an early age.
At the age of 13 years Dub is initiated in the use of turntables and mixer, quickly master his technique, […]

Josh Rawl & Massaï - HDNSM London Podcast
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HDNSM #224: Josh Rawl & Massaï

It is after sharing the decks for years, refining their electronic music taste, and discovering their mutual appreciation for a blend of music and a shared dream that Josh Rawl and Massaï decided to form their own collective and record label, Sentaku. The journey started with an encounter that promptly reached an equilibrium, the story […]

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HDNSM #206: Ruval

Based in Bucharest Ruval is well known for his  taste in music…being always fascinated by digging for music he is a true selector, combining the musical knowledge that he gained over the years he always  delivers a great set. Musical ambience  is very important for him and he always tries to create a good atmosphere not […]

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HDNSM #204: Lee Burton

Lefteris Kalabakas is a born musician. This versatile artist wears many hats, including: Music Producer, DJ and Song Writer, known by the moniker, ‘Lee Burton.’ Co-founder of Audiorama record label and club night, resident DJ at Six D.o.g.s. Instructor at SAE Technology Group, Athens. He is based in Athens, Greece. As a teenager growing up […]

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Tvir Interview

Tvir is vinyl only Ukrainian imprint. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means “composition”. The artwork for the EP`s are inspired by Ukrainian folklore influences. Concept by Iuliia Gura & Vyacheslav Gura more known as Komponente. Design by Julia Bancilhon & Aleksander Gusakov. Mastering by Rob Small & Alyn Sclosa. Distributed by Memoria Record Shop. https://www.facebook.com/tvirmusic Hey […]

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HDNSM #179: RX

Coming from the parisian underground scene, RX finds its inspiration into house and techno music, particularly their minimal forms of the late 90’s and early 00’s, as well as non-electronic genres such jazz and soul. RX produces a groovy house tinted with melancholy, makes usage of piano, voice glitches and aerial pads. With his friend […]


Interview with Rață

Hi! Nice to chat with you here at HDNSM Are you looking forward to your upcoming Soul.On gig in Moscow? Have you played there before and what do you expect it to be like? Hello Maria and dear HDNSM .  I have not been to Moscow before, it will be the first time, thanks  Soul.On […]

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Sasha Nevolin Chart Top 10

01. Alliv Sobol – Toz 33- [“Toz EP”, Nervmusic, NM013] 02. Mariin – Insense -[ Gua Limited 006] 03. Q-so – Avant-[Retoric Vibe, RV25] 04. Micawber – Shinkansen-[SYLPHE01] 05. Leo Pol – Leobelix part 1-[Velvet Records] 06. Adrian Niculae – Rain Falls -[“Electrip EP”, Motif 002] 07. Tofu Productions – The Scream-[“Trabalhador EP”, Sundance, SND003] 08. […]

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Cleymoore Chart Top 10

01. Bihn-Bud Light-[Cabaret]-2014 02. JoeyAnderson- Maidens Response -[Dekmantel] 03. Ukkonen -Aikomus- [No Pain in Pop]-2014-31-03 04. Fumiya Tanaka- 1999- [Torema Records]-2014-02-10 05. Kassem Mosse-Untitled 9-Workshop  06. Petre Inspirescu – Sipot-[Mule Music]-2014-03-31 07. Peter Grummich – Don’t Sleep – [Innerbird Germany]-2014-04-07 08. Voitgtmann – The Good Ones Go (Craig Richards Remix) -[Yumé]-2014 09. S.A.M. – Untitled 1- [Delaphine]-2013-12-12   10. […]