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Rheostat Interview

Hey! Great to chat to you here on HDNSM! How are you today? Hello ! I”m doing well thanks. Tired as everybody during the week but it’s ok :)  My favourite question – the name! Why Rheostat  and what inspired this alias?  Good question !! Well, i’m studying electronics engineering and I learnt that Rheostat is a […]

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Interview with Soul.On Records

Hi guys! How are you? We are really impressed with the latest input from your label Soul.On! With first release from Kashawar and Nu Zau we expected nothing less than an amazing second release and are really excited to chat to you Soul.on is a great name – what does it mean, how did it […]

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Illusion Sound Interview

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4vOuyLy_gg http://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?471417 Michael Feghali chats to Daniel from Illusion Sound prior to their upcoming event with Kyle Geiger at Crucifix Lane Hi Daniel!   I’m glad we got the chance to do this little interview with you. We are always looking to improve the scene here in London and I see that you have been working […]

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Interivew with Reinier Zonneveld

What is good thing about being young? And what is good thing about being old(mature)? Definitely I love mature dj and producers who makes me feel nostalgia and history, but definitely I can’t help my excitement when I find new young talent. When Ronald (owner of Illegal Alien Records) asked me to listen to new […]

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Interview with Second Step Records

Hey Matt! Great to meet you again! Second Step Records is nearing its first release and we can’t wait to find out more about the label from you! 1.     Our favourite question – why Second Step Records, how did you come up with the name and what happened to the first step? Hellooo HDNSM, Second step […]

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Interview with Memoria Recordings

First of all Izaak,  I just want to thank you for this opportunity, we have much respect for you, your label and your artists. How was Memoria established and by whom?   Memoria Recordings was founded in 2011 by my former partner Fares Benouchiba. A couple months later I joined him and together we worked for […]