HDNSM #251: Mint4000


Growing up in a little town in the heart of germany, his childhood was filled with weird Free-Jazz music & 80’s synth Sounds and he discovered as teenager styles like Noise, Metal, Breaks and more.
He already released on labels like AppianSounds, Lebensfreude, Finebeatz, Mussen project, Tropic netlanel, Klangscheiben and his own Vinyl-Only imprint Drop That records/B.L.A.T.T..
His releases where dropped and charted by significant names of the scene like Bill Patrick (), Enzo Siragusa (FUSE rec.), Pablo Bolivar (Desolat), Ethyl&Flori (FoF), Velasco (NIL-NYcity), Al Blayney (AppianSounds), Ney Faustini (Foul&SUnk).
In different projects he worked and collaborated with other musicians like the electronic-Free Jazz band “Uschi, Atze & dieRäuber”, INSERT84 (hardware LivePA), WeedBeat dj Team, SevenMint aka MitfahrGelegenheit (hardware LivePA), Mint 4000 & MullTone (Tropic net label, Klangscheiben rec.), ColEpic (with d3mons on B.L.A.T.T. rec) & other artists as well.

6years in a row he hosted a radioshow -one time in a month- called “ElasticNotes”. Together with dj Less they support local & international artists & labels.

As a dj&producer he’s interested in different styles but in the foreground reduced & trippy Techno/House -with a essence of Dub- is the redline as Mint4000. He developed an unique sound as a DJ influenced by his musical background and his natural environment.

As Gideon Numbers he presents the even more abstract-minimal Grooves, still with the ecstatic feel like his Mint4000 alias