HDNSM #250: AsG + Interview


INTERVIEW aSg (Romania)
1 – Could you introduce yourself ? Where do you come from ?
Hi guys, thank you for the invitation. My name is Anton Silviu Gabriel, known as aSg. I’m 27 years old and I’m from Romania. Currently I live in Bucharest. My country is famous for electronic music festivals such as Sunwaves, Untold, Electric Castle, Mioritmic.

2 – What was decisive for you and how did you get into the music ?
Since I was a kid my passion for electronic music started to grow. In time I earned enough experience in this underground scene and after that I tried to make my own kind of music. I’ve made my first track in 2010 and I knew that I will never stop making music.

3 – What is your favourite label?
Here I have a pretty big list, but my favourite label remains “AllDayIDream”, their music inspires me very much!

4 – What are your passions and major influences / inspirations ?
I can’t say that I’m a person with so many passions, probably it will be travelling, or long walks in the night. This one inspires me a lot! I like to go to the cinema, but the greatest passion of mine remains music. A big part of my inspiration comes from ambient music, so basically that’s the idea of my harmony sound. I think that all my tracks define me.

5 – How do you produce ? Which machines do you use ?
Currently I only use Ableton, and as soon as possible I’ll start to build my own studio.

6 – Is there a particular artist you would like to collaborate with ?
I would love to collaborate with Lost Desert, his music inspires me very much.

7 – What are your plans for the future ?
The future sounds good to me. Actually as you have already heard in February I will have an EP on “Inclusif” (a French label from Lyon) so for this reason I would like to thank Hervé Akaf. After that I will probably have another EP in March or in late spring at “Seven Villas Music” so I’m not sure when exactly. For this year I will try to get back on the stage, where I’d like to play my new type of music to the people.

8 – For you, where in Romania are the best places for raving ?
Romania has become a brand-new experience in this type of culture. Many foreign people already knew or were familiar with our festivals like Sunwaves, Untold or Electric Castle. From my perspective, we have a special event that’s happening in the summertime at Botanical Garden called “CABAL”. The entire concept is amazing!! The crowd, the vibe, the location, and of course the music! I will never getting bored of this !

Interview by Sabrina Bouzidi