HDNSM #243: A La Carte Interview


INTERVIEW : à la carte Records
1 – Could you introduce à la carte Records  please ?
à la carte Records emerges as a musical project between two friends from the Dominican Republic who met in Barcelona in 2015 and around spring of 2016 the name came up..
Dj & Producer Felipe Frías Estrella A.k.a Friascut
Dj & Producer Eduardo de Jesús A.k.a Lowlight_
They discovered that despite some differences they were very clear where they wanted to go with the music, with time in the underlying electronic music scene in Barcelona both tried to test their capacities as producers in order to provide their own vision, after the first encounter of working together realised that the way of producing of both was quite similar and fluid since perhaps having the same cultural references read. This has allowed them to have a better understanding when it comes to converting their ideas into music. At the same time, apart from being a duo, they decided to convert the same name à la carte into a record label where to only launch own references but also contribute to the scene in Barcelona and international.
2 – What kind of music do you produce and why ?
We try to produce any electronic type of genere that we agree that it must come out. This is why it’s ( à la carte ) we choose the style we think is appropriate for the season or the spots these style must be played, there is no style or genere rule.. we just feel the same way about music, so when it hits.. we get together and ideas come up.
3 – Which relations do you have with SUBWAX BCN ?
Subwax is our family in music terms, owner and co workers are close friends and always been there for us.
4 – Which kind of machines do you use to produce ?
There is no specific machine when we want to make some noise hahaha… we believe that any machine could do the work as long you work its best out of it, but we like these for sure: Roland TB 303 and 909 Vermona, Roland TR8, AKAI APC40  and any keyboard that comes in the way.
5 – How do you see the audience in Spain in comparison with the French one ? Especially in Barca.
The Barcelona scene is growing fast these last 4 years things got serious, many collectives are doing a great job in booking good Artists and making good party’s
6 – There exist a very interesting scene in Spain, could you tell me more please. There is a new Techno scene ?
Techno is been always here in Barcelona, but now there are many labels and collectives focused with techno, with different point of views but surely Techno is really getting interesting.
7 –  In Barcelona, the are more and more new underground clubs and parties …  and festivals…  Could you tell me more about this scene.
We are very happy with whats going on in Barcelona now. Big up for: Kommuna, Rekon, Switch pocket club, Red58, checkpoint & meetingpoint.
We like also classic and epic spots like  – NITSA CLUB – MOOG and RAZZMATAZZ also a very good and on the rise club in Barcelona is called LAUT.. Must check and recommend if someone around. Without these and a few more collectives, clubs and bars Barcelona wouldn’t be at this point for the underground scene. We wouldn’t call it a competition but we think things could get better in the scene if we all get to merge in to a bigger family, but we also think is getting there.
8 – Where have you already played ?  Where would yo like to play ?
We have played mostly in Switch pocket club since is our favourite spot, in RED58 and a few underground public and private afterparty’s. As a duo we haven’t traveled out of Barcelona yet, we have only played and focused on the local scene for the moment since we released our first record in may 2017. We would like to play where our music is appreciated, no matter where.. we just want to express ourselves freely and feel the sound and vibes.
9 – How do you see the DJ profession today ?
The Dj profession is a really hard profession as always… getting well paid is a pain in the ass, if you want to live out of it is really hard, but there are many type of Dj’s around the world some of them passionate some of them fake and just show off and some of them with really good talent but just want to have fun. It really depends on what type of DJ people will choose for the profession.