HDNSM #241: Elia


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If there was one word to describe Elia’s sound it would be this.. ‘hypnotic’. Blending minimal grooves with more up front dub and techno, Elia aims to create a sonic texture that hypnotises and excites.

A fresh and fearless face in Sydney’s underground scene he has quickly established himself as one of the scene’s most sought-after up and coming artists.

Quickly learning to adapt and conform to the atmosphere, setting, crowd and artist line up Elia will always curate the right sounds and holds this skill as one of his most valuable as he truly believes it is the most important.

Elias’ ambition as an artist is to always refine his sounds and better his curations after every set. He also feels the need to constantly challenge himself as an artist, recently involving Vinyl in his sets he believes this challenge will allow him to better his performances as an artist and create a deeper and hypnotic groove on the dance floor.

2017 was his best year yet, filling dance floors with hypnotic and minimal grooves at Sydney’s premier underground spots such as WeLove, Blueprint, Cause, LTPD and appearing religiously at S.A.S.H, warming up for the likes of David Mayer, Gabby, Julian Perez, Third Son & Robert Babicz.

His goals for the year are to grow even further as an artist by releasing an EP and focusing more on the production side of music, staying humble and continuing to cement himself as a key selector in Sydney’s underground scene.