HDNSM #240: Wagner Leviski


Wagner Leviski has been a professional DJ since 2012. Before even becoming a professional DJ, he was already playing in events with the monthly Fênix Party project.
With friends also DJs Alec Araújo, Fernando Baez and Leo Kurylo, participated as collaborator of events, in the middle of 2009. Each edition was an Argentine guest.
Still in the year 2012, he was invited to join the Núcleo project, together with some local DJs from Porto Alegre.
Within this project, and with the intention of gaining more experience, the following year decided to risk and launch his own party. Called the Rituali.
The partnership with the DJs Elieser Paze and Paul Grabowski, gave him a party with the presence of Argentine Nina Soul (Brouqade, Tzinah Records).
In addition to DJ, Leviski is a researcher and collector of vinyls. And it is always in a constant quest to grow and evolve with music.


FB http://facebook.com/wagnerleviski
SC http://soundcloud.com/wagnerleviski
RA http://residentadvisor.net/dj/wagnerleviski
INSTA http://instagram.com/wagnerleviski