HDNSM #233: Alex Simori


Born and raised in Romania, Alex Simori is a DJ, who from the early age of 15 had a taste of electronic music at a small party and since then, due the strong connection he felt, started to learn and began mixing at the same kind of parties, in order to develop that overwhelming feeling. Slowly rising, he was invited to a few larger events in neighborhood.
His love for music started to grow more and more and to blossom, at the age of 17, into music creation. A big aid came from his friends, who supported him in developig his skills as a DJ.
Techno and minimal had the biggest impact on Alex’s style, but he had also a small tech house influence. Usually, form a party to another, he oscillates between these styles, in order to surprise his audience and to maintain their interest awaken. His DJ-sets highlight the love he has for music and they also bring positive vibes to listeners.
The term „music” means redemption to Alex. That’s due some unpleasant experiences he had to go through, which made him find serenity in music. It helped him hurdle more easily these difficult momets and to get on his feet again.