HDNSM #228: Thorgerdur Johanna


With a background as a classical pianist, Thorgerdur Johanna (Icelandic, now Oslo-based) started to spin records late 2014, and started playing out in clubs in 2015. In short time she went from playing smaller gigs to playing both at Oslo’s and Iceland’s most respected clubs, and today she regularly plays at The Villa, one of Oslo’s finest clubs. She’s one of three members of OsloGround and Det Gode Selskap, is a dedicated music lover. She prefers to play vinyl – wherever possible, and her main focus is to keep the sets groovy and exciting.

Comprised of everything from different kinds of house and electro, to the darker dub and minimal romania sound, she manages to create something different from the rest. At times blended in with techno and breakbeats coloured with enigmatic melodies, her sets build up a vibe that is difficult to define. One thing is sure; her energy when playing is mesmerising, filled with positiveness and satisfaction.