HDNSM #224: Josh Rawl & Massaï

Josh Rawl & Massaï - HDNSM London Podcast

It is after sharing the decks for years, refining their electronic music taste, and discovering their mutual appreciation for a blend of music and a shared dream that Josh Rawl and Massaï decided to form their own collective and record label, Sentaku. The journey started with an encounter that promptly reached an equilibrium, the story of two friends advocating two opposite forces but providing a sense of balance when united, in the same way as the Ying and the Yang are the reflection of two fundamentally opposite powers, yet smoothly blending within each other. Half French, half Australian, Josh Rawl grew up in Hong Kong before moving to London and incorporated this multicultural and mostly Asian background and influences in his music. Massaï grew up in Paris but has a background linked to Togo and Brazil that is strongly reflected in his music and influences. Their obsession with subtle and unobserved details makes the pair’s DJ sets filled with surprises.