HDNSM #198: Lorenzo Magnozzi


“Music is freedom of introspection.”
This is the slogan with which it presents Lorenzo Magnozzi, for him, music is an important thing in life, an instrument of liberation and love.
Born in 1992 in Pisa (Italy), great art cities, falls in love with electronic music very early listening old recordings of the nights of Italian techno movement of the 90s and discovering and listening artists like Ricardo Villalobos, Plastikman, Sven Vath, Underworld, Raresh and Luciano.
Lorenzo took his first steps in front of a mixer around 2007 at the age of 14 years and his passion for music led him to fall in love early with classical music, jazz, soul, pop, folk, rock and dance, after high school he enter in Academy to study Electronic Music and turn to clubs and festivals around the world from Frankfurt to Ibiza from the UK to Holland to discover new places, new people and new sounds.
His music is bad categorize it, is an introspection of himself, his tracks are played and supported by many international artists, and in 2015 he starts his own record label, Introspection Recordings. A platform of artists and musicians, a fusion of music and art, a union of all the elements, physical and psychological to create a single identity.
During the years also his dj sets, which have established him in some of the best clubs in Italy as Tenax 1.0, Re:flex Club, Kama Kama, Frau, Greentech Festival, Congress Palace of Pisa, Sonar Off and others and from March 2016 began one of resident dj of Hangar Club (IT). The road is long, but the love for the music is the only certainty.