HDNSM # 195: Tigergun


It is pretty hard to tag Tigerguns house & techno sound given his abilities to translate various influences, as Depeche Mode, Mobb Deep, Joy Division, David Bowie or RDJ2. Not only a specialistat behind the turntables but also an experienced booker and promoter for 200 deep events and upcoming Schumacher Club.

Tigerguns sets are defined by his particular taste in music. Not following common trends, he builds up an atmosphere that is enchanting, hypnotic and energetic. A skilled craftsman devoted to his crowd.
It‘s the balance between clever track selection, precise mixing and a spontaneous soulful vibe, that will carry you away.
Call it modern underground, avant-garde or just straight to the hear music. Tigerguns sound is pretty hard to label but powerful enough to make a statement on its own.