Interview with Omar Akhrif


Hi Omar!

It is great to chat to you today!

Thanks once again for this great podcast that you prepared for us, some real gems there!

So, how did you approach selecting music for this podcast?

I recorded this podcast on Sunday morning, while working through old and new tracks, in order to create a groove continuity, ranging from minimal house to breaks!

You also run your own vinyl only label called Prismatique Records, I can imagine that you are a real vinyl enthusiast yourself, is it so?

As a matter of fact, Prismatique is not only a vinyl label. We also released some digital tracks and we plan to release some more. I’ve always been fascinated by vinyls as a musical support. This is why I collect vinyls and I’ll keep releasing them with Prismatique.

How do you choose music for your label and what does it take for an artist to be featured on Prismatique Records?

My partner Marco Maggi and I select the music for Prismatique together, always pursuing to merge our different musical styles/tastes into a coherent whole . Currently, Prismatique is influenced by dark grooves, glitch, techno and house. Like our tastes, also the style of our label is continuously changing and developing.

The latest release is by Third Child and Bauch, some great artists that I have been following for some time myself, do you have a favourite track on the EP?

This release reflects the style of my partner Marco in particular depth. He produced a great remix under the acronym Mag0. The track gommosamente is a more delicate tool on the dynamic level, probably the track I prefer.

The first release Blair Witch Project, what a great name, one of my favourite movies, how is it different form the second release, do you try to follow a certain music policy or diversify things instead?

Indeed, the name perfectly fits to the dark atmosphere of the vinyl. As I said, our taste mutates over time and also with our label we try to evolve, maintaining at the same time a leitmotiv.

You are also a resident at VNCBRG party and Veniceberg club , could you tell us a bit more about the concept and the idea behind it?

Veniceberg is a concept of Michele and Francesco – the owners. Originally, the party was born in a disused gas station and ended up in a real club. The handcraft system and the great acoustic make it a unique location.

There is also a VNCBRG release in the making or so I hear, could you lift the lid on this one for us, who will be featured and what kind of sound should we expect?

Finally we have our first Vinyl only release coming out in January. A bomb from Enrico Mantini with two jam of a remix: Isherwood & Domenico Rosa. We are super excited and can’t wait for the vinyl to hit the stores. Here you can listen to the preview: 

How does Verona or Northern Italy music scene compare to the rest of Italy or even Europe…the world?

I don’t really want to criticise. In the past months I met in this field a lot of very competent and professional people in Verona as well as in the surroundings. in fact, i’m involved in different projects that has to do with music, production & events.

How would describe your music style to someone who never heard it before?

Currently, my style includes house minimal, techno, bud and breaks, but I always try to learn new and more.

What do you enjoy most of all about your musical career and being a DJ?

The good thing is the path itself, meeting new people, getting new musical and personal stimuli.

Who have been your biggest influences, musical or other?

At first, I was very influenced by Romanian artists, but now I’m focussing on different artists like Daniel Bell, Herbert , The Persuaders , Mark Ernestus, Moritz von Oswald, Gemini, Audio Werner, Arpiar, Villalobos, Zip, Robert Hood and many more.

Favourite track of the moment?

Currently all the new EP tracks. Floorpan – Doing My Thing EP.

Any great favourite artists of yours that we should watch out for?

Here in Italy a lot of young artists are producing great things, for instance Domenico Rosa e Riccardo with Iprints Reconrds.

Finally what are your musical plans for the rest of this year?

For the future I want to concretize the last productions in a new project, we’ll see.