HDNSM #185: Bolumar

Bolumar 2

Originating from the beautiful and historic Spanish stronghold of Valencia, Jose Bolumar Molina alias Bolumar has prominently emerged from the city’s increasingly vibrant underground music scene as one of its most cherished musicians.

Complimentary to his natural Spanish elegance and charismatic demeanour, Bolumar brings a very unique and infectious sound, defined by his love for oldschool and analog. His musical style revolves around going back to the roots, creating deep, minimal, beautifully layered and fully immersive tunes.

2013 saw Bolumar really step-up with his productions, and churn-out some of his most promising musical compositions to date; highlights included featuring on ‘Luna Records Best of 2012 VA‘, alongside some of the year’s top breakthrough artists including Dan Farserelli, Brett Jacobs, and Dzeta N Basile, and a chart topping collaboration with NoVus and LDN Records frontman Scott Kemp.

2014 welcomed further notable releases, with an array of intelligently crafted productions coming on standout labels including NoVus, Act Natural Records, Recycle Records, Metroline Limited and Amam, all of which firmly asserted Bolumar’s creative prowess in the studio.

The turn of 2015 has welcomed the launch of the Spaniard’s own vinyl imprint Rooted, with fellow Guerilla Agency compatriots Pelle and Roon featuring on the label’s debuting VA, alongside Deep Tech Records boss Duky and a collaboration between Bolumar and Thomas Gandey (Get Physical / Planet E) rounding off the first release. The second Rooted release was launched on the 5th of June and featured a 4 VA collection, with the return of Duky playing alongside Bolumar, Pat Ondebaak, Jarz and Guerilla’s Scott Kemp, each of them offering a splendid, unique feel while remaining faithful to the minimal, organic approach.

This year, Rooted returns with Matt Star, Patrice Meiner and Chad Andrew. Bolumar released alongside Martin Dacar on UWAGA, a vinyl only limited edition which quickly reached No. 1 on Deejay Sales charts, and was featured on Deep Tech Records’ commemorative 100th release, as part of a very special vinyl VA. Also released a huge track alongside Katy Blue vocals on the unfamous Amam which is rockin the shop charts.

So it is fair to say, that with Bolumar’s growing resumé of deeply rooted minimal infused by oldschool house, one can be further reassured of his future potential.