HDNSM # 180: Sobamonk

sobamonk pic

Since he was a kid Alexander was fascinated by sound and began experimenting by making music with anything he could lay his hands on. From cassette players to synthesizers, home made instruments and computers. Alongside his musical training in piano as he was growing up  he was influenced by a variety of genres from Rock to Soul and from Hip-Hop to House.  His djing career kicked off in the end of 90’s, playing techno in various clubs and radio stations around the globe.Currently producing music as sobamonk and also active as A/R in Archipel musique Canada.


Capodopere – Tavanje EP – Martelli (sobamonk remix )
Loob Label 027 – Flow 2 M – SP
One groove records – Solicity EP
Untold stories – Chapter II VA (Vinyl)(www.untold.org)
Musickollektiv – Enter – EP ( www.musickollektiv.org)
Lora music – Compilation one VA (Digital)
Archipel Musique – Live set (www.archipel.cc)
Loob Label 002 – Point is ep / @loob-label
Doma digital 023 – Awareness of unfamiliar spaces ep /www.domamusique.blogspot.com.es
lora records – Language is fake ep
Kalimari musique – Sobamonk works ep
Fach – EP www.fach-label.net
Shufflemood – shufflemood.net
Kreativa – www.kreativarecords.com
Littlebus – Minimize ep/www.myspace.com/littlebusrec

Upcoming 2015 – 16 //

Untold stories – EP (Vinyl)
Lora music – remix
DubGestion records – ep