Tvir Interview


Tvir is vinyl only Ukrainian imprint. Translated from Ukrainian Tvir means “composition”. The artwork for the EP`s are inspired by Ukrainian folklore influences. Concept by Iuliia Gura & Vyacheslav Gura more known as Komponente. Design by Julia Bancilhon & Aleksander Gusakov. Mastering by Rob Small & Alyn Sclosa. Distributed by Memoria Record Shop.

Hey Vyacheslav! Great to chat to you today, we have been following Tvir  for quite some time, loving the new 002 release and can’t wait for 03!

So tell us a bit more about Tvir’s concept and what is it all about?

Tvir was born two years ago, but the name came a year later when I moved to another
country. My lovely wife has helped me both with the name as well as our logo design concept. Tvir is like a child for us to take care of!
I’ve been thinking as to which format to pursue, what would be loved by both DJs and diggers from around the world.
In the end, I came to the conclusion that it is necessary to combine quality materials with beautiful design that would bear the idea of ​​Ukrainian folklore and thereby reveal the Ukrainian
connection with the project. On Tvir label , there will be performers from Ukraine, but
publishing exclusively musicians from Ukraine could be a bit boring!

Tvir is a Ukrainain label, how do you feel that Ukrainian underground music scene compares to the rest of Europe or the rest of the world?

Ukrainian scene is pretty young, we do not have a lot of artists renown in the techno world , so I try to give a chance to our musicians to express themselves if they fit in with our format. Electronic music in Ukraine is developing and will develop in all directions but in my opinion it still needs time. For me, it is always a pleasure to find quality releases
by Ukrainian artists in general, no matter what style or format. Personally, I really enjoyed the recent release from my friends The Erised.

The latest release 002 is really something special, how did you approach selecting the artists and music for this one?

Our second release comes is by my friends from Moscow who sent those tracks to me before I even started the label. I immediately realised that the material is great and was happy to publish it. I contacted Yoshihiro Hanno who he immediately agreed to make the remix. Later Danny and Damian from OdD who I have much respect for joined in the project and completed the release.

001 features your own productions, could you tell us a bit more about Vostok EP and what influenced and inspired its creation?

Vostok 1 was recorded by us (KIM) 2 years ago, we have to be honest it took a while to produce it as we wanted to create a very special track and I think we have succeeded judging by the fact that all 500 copies were sold. The name itself comes from the fact that when we hesitated over the central pause in the track we accidentally turned on an interview with Yuri Gagarin, the interview was recorded after the first flight into space on the ship Vostok 1.

Finally 003 by Amine Ravelle is very exciting indeed, do you have a favourite track on the release?

As a rule I do not accept demos, I prefer looking for musicians myself, as I am used to searching records.Kevin, I came across by chance, listening to his stuff, I realised how talented this guy is and suggested that he publishes on the label. He sent about 10 tracks, all very remarkable, Frankly, it was very difficult to choose just two tracks from such an abundance of music! I was really touched by the bass and the groove in Relantier. I think this release is great as I have already received a lot of positive reviews, although the album won’t be released until November.

To jump ahead a little bit, we hear that there are quite a few more Tvir releases in the making! Could you please shed some light on those new creations, who will be featured and what kind of sound should we expect?

After Amin Ravelle we expect to release several records. The fourth is from Romar, it turned out to be a very interesting release that you can both play and just listen to. It is complimented by the remix from Romanian musician Crihan. Next release would be from a very original Ukrainian musician Strukturator. Misha and I met three years ago at the Sensimo festival where I first heard
his sound, he performed live as always. In his release, we will also hear a version from Tc Studio’s brilliant musician Traian Chereches. Also at this stage first Tvir LTD will be released which is different from the main series. First record introduces a melodic collection from Audiokern, Evdokeem (Ukraine), Ohm Hourani and RX.

Which other artists are you looking to feature or would love to work with some day?

Currently we are working with some new material from artists like Horror Vacui (Sil, Anrilov, Cross), Vid Vai, Leiris, Guy From Downstairs, TC80 …
These release would come out next year.

Tvir certainly showcases some outstanding artwork, what does it mean for the label and of course, who is the great artist behind it?

All of our covers are drawn by hand. The idea in general is taken from Ukrainian folklore, but the very design is a symbiosis of our culture and contemporary art.

Tvir ia vinyl only label, what influenced your decision not to go into digital?

I personally like vinyl as a media. Its sound is always deeper making
music feel much more alive. Digital sounds seems more flat and square to me. I’m now playing only records so it is another factor that also influenced the label.

What is your favourite and least favourite part of running a record label?

Most of all I like the process of searching for the material and the moment when it gets released! For me it’s always like holiday and I try to celebrate this moment!

What is Tvir’s music policy, do you prefer to keep to a specific genre or keep things diverse?

For Tvir we mostly focus on techno but it has many sub-genres and the sound varies quite a bit. . After listening to our releases you will should immediately hear the difference although there is no framework. For me it is important that the music that we release is playable and has an idea.

Favourite track of the moment (on Tvir or otherwise)?

Every track is unique, each has its own story.

Any favourite artists of yours that we should watch out for?

I have a few artists in mind but for now I will not mention their names, as am negotiating and I do not want to jinx it because I am quite superstitious in this regard.

What are your plans for the label and your own musical future plans?

Plans are many, but not all can be realised at once) We plan to produce about 10 more records and make a few more showcases

Finally, Tvir’s showcase is happening in Moscow already next month, what shall we expect from the event musicwise?

Yes, we are planning to hold the first Showcase, is a place I will not mention) Our guests would naturally be the artists who featured on the label. The first guest is RX, the co-owner of Croisire Musique, he will be on Tvir LTD. Leo Pol, former resident of Rex Club, will perform his latest live set that he has been preparing for a few months, Leiris Minibar’s and now our resident and KIM. Wait for the announcement, the date is not far off)
Thank you for this chat and keep up the great work!