HDNSM x PBE #4: 4Yo4U


HDNSM x PBE Podcast 004 by 4Yo4U, here is a little story about the group: 4Yo4U was created on March 11, 2011 in Moscow by Aibo, Didi, Kodek and Key-D.

Didi has loved graffiti and electronic music since he was a kid. He loves Kraftwerk most of all. Didi used to mix tracks with CD-decks and a mixer with a microprocessor when he had free time between graffiti projects. But he didn’t really love that because he wanted to make his own music.

Aibo loves graffiti too, but he hated electronic music. His favorite music genres are funk and reggae. When Aibo was a student of Moscow University of Design, he created a reggae-band with his friends where he played keyboards. But this band had a rapid breakdown.

Aibo and Didi met each other in Key-D’s (Aibo’s wife) flat. At that time, Key-D was preparing to become a laboratory assistant in the sound department of Moscow University of Cinema. Because of that, one of Key-D’s friends gave her a KORG EMX-1. It was the entrance into electronic music for Aibo and for Didi, the way to make his own music. They created a musical group called “Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo”, and all members of that group played only one instrument.

Two weeks after Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo was created, they were invited to play in “Vozduh” club at a techno-party dedicated to graffiti. That is how Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo confirmed their music genre and their future destiny. The first tracks of Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo were not made in a specific genre. These tracks were called “Fighting Chinese Boys” and sounded roughly as if Peaches and Arthur Baker were producing a compilation of Modern Talking remixes.

In Vozduh, Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo met Kodek a.k.a. Diod212 who was invited to play at the same gig. It is no secret that Kodek loves graffiti. He started to mix tracks from vinyl in 1996 and was a resident of “X-Dance” club for some years. The minimalistic sound of the Detroit school was his favorite style. In early 2000, Kodek moved towards self-production but did not forgot about DJ-ing.

By accident, Yoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo squeezed into Kodek’s DJ-set during a live improvisation jam, as a result of which, people on the dance floor started to fight. Since that moment, Aibo, Didi, Key-D and Kodek decided to work together and shortened the name of the group to “4Yo4U”.

Since then, Aibo has definitely become interested in techno. He has learned new skills of music making with the KORG EMX-1. The sound of “Fighting Chinese Boys” has evolved to minimal sound. At the same time, Didi got a KORG-KO1 and became a master of this device, hence widening the musical horizons of 4Yo4U and becoming a starting point to making their own studio. In this way, their sound quality has increased.

At present, 4Yo4U has recorded about 50 tracks and this number increases every day. At every gig, you can listen to new tunes that have never been heard before. 4Yo4U like to combine live performance with DJ-sets and because of that, old tracks sound new.

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