HDNSM # 168: Jamie Haus


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Liverpool born Jamie Haus has manifested his interest for music ever since his youth, when he would listen to bands like Beatles and Pink Floyd, teaching himself how to play the piano and guitar. So it was no surprise when the creative power within Jamie manifested itself through music, as he began exploring electronic music genres, eventually settling for techno, a genre that inspires him to experiment and search for the best ways to make it.

Production is a challenge which makes Jamie thrive, as he uses gear like a MIDI keyboard, Ableton Push and a Korg Kaos pad, always approaching different techniques as to push the boundaries of the genre, creating his dark, percussion driven techno with a flavor of dub and a solid bass line.

Inspiration comes through different mediums – artists like Ben Klock, Marcel Dettman, DNGLS, Markus Suckut and Sleeperarchive helped Jamie understand the essence of techno music, but it’s not only music that serves as a muse. Visual art has always been a way for Jamie to find insight, guiding his creativity and helping him better translate the moods and messages of his music. The struggle of being a techno producer didn’t hold Jamie back, as it served as a theme and motive for his latest EP, yet to be released.

Jamie’s hard work and honest personality, as well as his passion for innovation and knowledge gained through all these years of being around music and understanding it as an art form have made him stand out as a promising artist with an original vision and a constant desire to improve and create something that stands out, as his music is like a creative space in which the listeners can recall their own stories and bring about new ones.

2015 brought a highly appreciated vinyl EP, “Meiose”, released on the label FarFromNormal, along with plenty of gigs all around Europe in which Jamie got the chance to connect with different
audiences, experiment with the live elements of a set and play alongside artists he appreciates, yet another source of inspiration and excitement helping Jamie better define his sound and figure out the right path for his music. Incessantly working on upgrading his production skill, Jamie will surely surprise us with his future tracks, as well as inspire us with creativity and determination, as we’re witnessing his
rise as an artist who has something to say and perseveres in finding the right way to transmit it, a forward thinking creator which strives to overcome his own limits, as well as those of the production process.