Jamie Haus Interview

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Hey Jamie, really happy to talk to you about both your music and your artistic mind. When it comes to music, your first influences were Mowton, Jazz, Blues, and throughout your career you’ve been constantly seeking  a signature style that would fit you best, which you eventually found in techno. Your tunes are moody, dubby, sometimes dark, and you’ve been on your path to exploring this genre and finding new ways of producing it (more on that later). What are your favorite things about techno music, in what ways does it help you translate your creative thought into music?

Hey… It can be quite hard to explain… I personally think music should be energetic and full of emotion… That is what music is to me… If it hasn’t got energy or emotion then what is the point..? I for one believe music is a way to bring us together in an almost close-knit community… One of the main things that can help gain ideas for music is being on my own (sounds pretty strange I know..!) If I am distracted then I can’t work, I need to be left alone to my thoughts in the right place at the right time…

On the 5th of August, “InharmX”EP will be released on Off White Records, your second release  after “Meiose EP” on FarFromNormal at the beginning of the year, and it has already received early support from Sam Paganini, Dyad and Luca Agnelli and Sleeparchive. I think “InharmX” EP is very unique in a sense that its backstory translates into music. You mentioned about the struggle of trying to compose the perfect techno tune while trying to get over setbacks and move forward, not only metaphorically but in production techniques as well, and it can all be felt in your music, whether you transpose the moods, feelings or just states of being. You’ve experimented with creating without hardware and the result, “Module 3”, is the perfect example of how stripped back techniques can create surprising sounds. It is clear that you’ve put a lot of work into this EP, and for sure now you have moved a step higher, learning things in the process and figuring out what you want next. So what do you want next, in terms of sound, feel, approach, what are the areas you feel you need to explore more?

As I said in the last answer, finding a way of putting even more emotion into my music… I think I am getting there… Slowly but surely… The ‘InharmX EP’ was more of a test to myself. I hate being tied down by production techniques that need to be done this way or that way… The whole idea of the EP was to create an Analog / Modular sounding Techno EP without using any Modular or Analog gear… Regards to what next, I have so many ideas I can’t even think… There are so many things I would like to do, I guess I should start getting them in order and get to work!

As an artist, you get to travel a lot and meet people from all around the world, from fellow artists to the public. Could you think of some of the more important lessons you’ve learned through travelling, getting to know and connecting to such a diversity of people and cultures?

I think being around so many different people from different cultures makes you more of an approachable person… It is difficult to explain, but being around those types of people does help you in so many ways… Mainly in the studio… People from different countries have a different outlook at life than you do, that can really open your eyes up and help you with ideas for new music.

Could you tell us a bit more about the mix you’ve prepared for us? And while we’re at it, how do you like your mixes?

 I have been so busy this week, up and down London, I haven’t really had time to think what I was going to play… Atmospheric to Energetic filled with Emotion I guess. I don’t like my mixes being too long, hour and a half max…

You’ll be playing at Basing House in London on the 7th of August alongside fellow Guerilla Concept artists Vinyl Speed Adjust, Scott Kemp, and Bolumar, followed by the Virunga Stage at UK’s High Definition Festival, with Lilith, Ada Kaleh, Pelle & Roon, and Alex van Ratingen. If you were to choose just a few words to describe the vibe, feel, atmosphere of your parties, what would they be?

Those guys are super talented… They are the new breed, the music is going to be fantastic, it always is. It’s going to be quite dramatic at best!

What will you be up to for the rest of 2015?

Studio, every day, all day…

Please, do share with us any track you’ve been listening to very much lately.

So many… Sutherland, this kid from Scotland who lives in Berlin… Watch out for this young man… https://soundcloud.com/sutherlandmusic/the-dancefloor-inbetween

Thank you, Jamie, it’s been a pleasure. A message for the readers?

Thanks for reading..!

Thanks, love and peace xx

By Ana Moca-Grama