HDNSM # 162: Rhys Samson


Rhys Samson is an Underground House & minimal techno DJ/Producer fresh out of London city, his infused style of minimal techno and break beat kick patterns along with dark dubby bass sounds and house elements make his sound something of particular taste. He has played at some top parties and venues around London including the infamous WYS! at Fabric….

Born with a pair of iPhone headphones attached to his head which left doctors in the hospital stunned as the iPod hadn’t even been invented yet… this child was destined for a musical path….

Growing up as a lad in Essex means he was surrounded by polo shirts, comb overs and bellends but always managed to steer clear of the stereotype. Being a fan of all music from Jazz to classical he has developed a particular style that involves a dark, bassy techno sound with a kick harder than Chuck Norris. His productions are being supported by some of the underground music scenes top names and is definitely one to look out for!

Rhys Davies AKA Rhys Samson quickly made a name for himself in 2012 when he was snapped up as Resident for the massive event Connected and being the head honcho of the underground movement called Trapped which has broken off into a vinylo only record label. Rhys has had a number of releases with some top minimal labels around and also launching his own Vinyl Only label in October with some amazing talent from around the world all taking part!! Releases soon on BodyParts, Moral Fiber, Inwave and FarFromNormal (Vinyl)