HDNSM # 155: Arapu


Ionut Arapu known as ARAPU has been passionate about music since a young age.Arapu had his first contact with electronic sound at the age of 14 at a festival. From that point on, his passion for playing music as a DJ grew and he started playing at his hometown where he used to organize break beat and drum and bass parties for a group of people who liked those genres.

Since 2008 Arapu made himself known on the house music scene in Romania. He has huge respect for music and he wants to develop his career in electronic music. He has had an opportunity to play alongside some great artists and also was invited to various radio shows in Romania and abroad.

From the beggining of 2011, Arapu has performed in England, France, Ukranie, Holland, Germany, Italy and Bulgaria to name a few, with many new gigs in the pipeline.

Arapu is an accomplished producer as well as a DJ. His music continues to receive great feedback from artists such as Ricardo Villalobos, Onur Ozer, Rhadoo, Pedro, Raresh, Valentino Kanzyani and many others.

Arapu – Slum.ep – (2012, Te Iubesc Rec)
Arapu – 113.ep – (2012, Crazy Jack Rec)
Arapu – Modulatia – (2013, Vant Rec)
Arapu & Mihigh – Obscuratism (2013, Body Parts Rec)
Arapu – Gua Limited 06 (2013, Gua Limited Rec)
Arapu – 119mit, Vinyl Club Concept PART III (2014, Vinyl Club Rec)
Arapu – mdamazing ( 2014 Movida Rec)
Arapu – esera.ep (2014 Memoria Rec)

Not Him – Sans Titre (Arapu Remix) – Moral Fiber Rec, 2013
U-More – Braque (Arapu Remix) – U-more Rec, 2013