HDNSM # 152: Yes’in

Yes'in B&W

Between : Africa & Europe / Black & White …

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Ever since he understood these words, Yes’in hasn’t stopped collecting records and traveling the world. Music journeys with him and he trips with music.

Born in Casablanca, it’s there that Yassine Hafdane (Yes’in) had his first experiences in the music world at a very early age. The morrocan quickly became interested in deejaying in the begining of the last decade after playing and experimenting all percussion and rhythm instruments, listening to his dad’s discotheque wich included rare records from Blaxploitation pioneers such as Curtis Mayfield or world music records like Afro-pop Band Osibisa.

Shortly after that, Yes’in decided to move to the South of France, and Toulouse quickly adopted him. It’s there that he was drawn to electronic music and clearly established his artistic identity after building up his own collection of vinyls. Yes’in then started performing as a DJ, mixing Funk music, Disco, House and Techno tracks during his sets, giving them a colourful and original style. His playlists are selected with finesse and oscillate between African groove and European rigor, with minimalistic tones. Upon hearing them, one is sometimes tempted to speak of the possibilities of “white man mistake funk”.

Yassine is still searching for the groove of the grooves and after the release of a few Eps on modest labels, he now lives in Berlin where he already find his cocoon, playing with friends in a few venues like Club Der Visonaere and taking his work to the next level. His last release came out on Polen records and the next one is for cosmo records. Alongside a bunch of well-known artists such San proper, Radiq, Dandy Jack, Yapacc or Tolga Fidan.
Cosmo rec : http://cosmorecords.com/yesin/