Sandro Kuhne Interview


Hi Sandro, it is great to chat to you today. You hail from Zurich in Switzerland, what is the underground music scene like there and how does it differ from the other places where you performed?

Hi guys, thanks for the invitation. I’ve been a DJ in the Swiss scene for over 15 years, I can say that it was bigger in the earlier years than it is now, it’s quiet small compared to what it was before. At the moment the electronic scene it’s becoming more mainstream, I guess with the rise in popularity for what is now considered deep house music and nu disco. The scene for minimal or techno is really small and not as popular as it once was, but I think this is better like this, it’s more refined.

The Swiss scene I guess can’t really compare to London or Berlin, its really just too small. There are more people in the other cities, so its normal its bigger, but then in the clubs for me it’s the same, the vibe, atmosphere, people…you find this everywhere if the party is good.

What has been your favourite gig so far, if you can name one?

This is an easy one, all the parties for Sunday Breakfast that we do, these have been the best and you can speak with any big guest DJ who has played with us, we have something special going on here. I mean we have a full high definition Kv2 sound rig, which sounds amazing.

Your party Sunday Breakfast has been going from strength to strength, what is the concept behind it and what are your future plans for this event?

The start of this really come from a simple thing, I did my 30th birthday party on a Sunday in the day at a club so all my friends could be together. Normally day parties don’t really exist like this or are more like an after party in a small venue. We saw how everyone was really into it and up for it, so we thought we do another one, and from there we continued with our good Argentinian friend Barem.

Since those early beginnings, we have moved into a bigger location and bought our own sound system. Sunday Breakfast was always about the sound, the quality of artists and the atmosphere. We didn’t really care about booking just big name headliners; it was more about the vibe and the character of the DJs we booked, and how they could move our dance floor. 

For the moment future plans with Sunday Breakfast is that we start a residency for the summer in Barcelona, bringing our brand and sounds to the city. Another thing to come this year is our own label Sunday Breakfast Records and we try to push our on residents on this label.

Sounds like you have big plans ahead! Will look out for this party at Off Sonar this year! You are a producer as well as a DJ, what has been in your production pipeline lately?

I currently have been working a lot in the studio and I have some new productions coming out soon, these include tracks for German label Vekton Black and one for Spanish label, Monoclap. Then I will release myself the first EP for Sunday Breakfast Records, which will launch the label.

After that, I am back in the studio, a few more requests come in from labels, so I need to finish these and submit soon, the year has started well and I will work hard to continue going like this.
I’m also currently working on a few collaborations with Alexkid, Alci and Nima Gorji. In the future there will be more with some other great musicians and friends.

How did you first get involved in music and what inspired you?

I started going out to clubs when I was 16 and really liked the sounds I was hearing, and I wanted to get into this. I had always been interested in music and learnt violin as a kid, so it was a natural thing and a normal progress for me. I was inspired by the electronic music coming from Detroit and Chicago and guys like Jeff Mills, Ian Pooley and James Rushkin.

Interesting! What has been your biggest influence, musical and otherwise?

I will say again the sounds coming from Detroit and Chicago, the techno and house sounds from the early days and now I guess the sounds from minimal also influence me, as long as the groove is solid and not overly complicated, this is my preference.

How would you describe your music style to someone who never heard you before?

I guess in simple terms, a solid groove and bassline, with some intensity in the vibe but not overly complicated in the detail, something to move the dance floor and make people dance.

Are there any artists that we should watch out for, in your opinion?

I guess you should keep an eye out on Archie Hamilton, Alexkid, Nima Gorji and then our residents at Sunday Breakfast Alci, Marco Trinkler and Flavio.

Sounds like a good plan! What is your favourite track of the moment?

Three new tracks from my up coming Sunday Breakfast Records EP are my current favourites, I am really happy at how they come out.

Finally, what future plans do you have for this summer and beyond??

My summer residency in Barcelona, doing an Off Sonar party, a big boat party on the Zurich Lake and getting into the studio as much as possible.

Thank you so much for this chat Sandro and we look forward to seeing you at Off Sonar and around the world!