HDNSM # 141: Ada Kaleh

Ada Kaleh Logo

Born out of Romania’s capital, Bucharest, alias ‘Ada Kaleh’ is already drawing support from across the globe, for pioneering one of the most beautifully crafted sounds to have emanated in recent years. Enjoying increasing support from an array of industry pioneers, including Sven Vath, Audiofly, Ricardo Villalobos, [a:rpia:r], Barac, Wareika and tINI, to name but a few, one only needs to take a sneak peak at but one of his compositions to realise exactly what the hype is all about.

Starting out as a trance producer and live act, under the “Digital nature”, releasing records on all major labels of the time, including Armada, Spinnin’, Discover, Mondo, Monster Tunes, in 2008 he decided to quit the trance scene and move onto other projects and explore other genres, and so two new projects were born; a techno project called Jules und Jazper and a solo indie electronica/post-rock project called Indie Jules.

A couple of years later a new musical personality evolved, alias ‘Ada Kaleh’. Having finally found his calling, fusing together each and every musical experience which he’d encountered, Ada Kaleh best defines his music as an experimental blend of genres from drone, glitch/IDM, ambient to minimalistic and dub techno. With a propensity to stimulating a similar euphoria to that of the legendary Sasha, the Romanian influence maintains a unique 3D kind of sound, which keeps his music firmly rooted to its underground origins.

Catch Ada Kaleh soon in London