HDNSM # 139: Digitalone


Levi Szekely aka Digitalone was born on the 4th of February, 1980, in Deva, Romania. He grew up in Graz, Austria, where he met, in his teenage, some DJ’s, who later became his best friends (Razorracun, Christiancanna). New friends meant new hobbies and thereafter the high interest for electronic music and parties. He soon became an electronic music freak and started dj-ing. In 2008, Digitalone started mixing at a local radio in Deva, at several afterhours at “Union Afterhours”and decided to share good music with the thousands of freaks out there and founded “Other Stuff”, under which he would organize electronic music parties and festivals.. Having plenty of parties in many European countries in the backround (at first only as a fun) now as a part of “Other Stuff” (some in Croatia in collaboration with Soundfreaks@work, some in Austria,Germany,Romania)and even plenty more to come around Deva, fructuous collaborations with “PetrolDollar, “Click Studio”, “4 2 the Floor”, Digitalone may be considered an already experimented DJ. We can say that this young and talented DJ is worth being under close watch. We can be sure that new great tracks are coming soon and new freak parties are to be organized.