Interview with Tolga Top


Hi Tolga! Hope you are well! Thank you for joining HDNSM for this interview! In a few days you will be coming to play  in Moscow! Would it be your first time playing here?

Hello, Im fine thanks a lot, its a pleasure to take place at HDNSM interview. Well, yea its my first time in Russia and I am very happy and excited to play at this beautiful place.

Exciting! You are performing for Soul.On showcase, how did you first get involved with Soul.On project?

I was actually surfing on Beatport and checking out some new tunes and I finally encountered  the Slides Ep from Alejandro Dengra on Soul.on Records and I was really impressed by these tunes! After listening to the other releases, it was totally clear for me to get in touch with this label.

So, you collaborated with Adam Touch and Fabe on your Soul.On EP, is it the first time you guys worked together?

Actually, yea,  with Adam,  it was my first time collaborating with an artist only via internet and not sitting next to each other We worked so well together that we were able to finish this EP in a short time and the mix of our styles led to a great collaboration. Fabe is a very good friend of mine and a great artist as well, he had the same thoughts as me about Soul.on Records so it was a nice package for all of us.

How is this release different from your previous work and what is special about it?

On a long way of finding my musical comprehension, I think I finally landed by releasing this Ep. It was amazing to work with Adam and to get inspired by him as well. Every track tells its own story and we got influenced by things that happened to us during the time we worked out this ep.

Sounds interesting!  Is there a favourite track on it which you would like to point out?

“10.22 (Original Mix)” is my favourite track on this EP, the name of this track comes from Adam, he was working on the last few details on this tune and finished exactly at 10.22am.

You have another release on a Moscow label Body Parts coming out as well, what would it be all about?

It will be a released on a VA in early 2015, the track is called “Symplant” and I am looking forward to this release. Body Parts strives  for high quality and its great to see that people from Moscow like my music!

Any other interesting releases we should know about?

I made a Remix for Scott Kemp´s track “NICCE” which will be released in a few months on Valioso Recordings together with another Original from Scott and a Remix from Ferro on Vinyl and Digital. I am really looking forward to this release!

So do we! You grew up in Germany so I guess techno is in your blood! How did you first become interested in music and what made you choose the electronic music path?

To be honest, I used to be a hiphop kid and my youth was influenced mainly by Dre & Tupac! But I was also playing E Guitar at the music school in Mannheim in the age of 15, so I really listened to everything that I liked. After my first visit to Timewarp Mannheim in 2010, I made my choice – electronic music!

How would you describe your music style in a few words?

Its a mix of deep and groovy house with break beat elements.

What have been your biggest influences so far, musical and otherwise?

My biggest influences do come from my friends and crew as well, its always cool to have people around you whom you can talk to for hours and hours about music, produce or just have a nice mix. Also Berlin and Mannheim are very inspiring cities for House/Techno Djs and Producers.

We could not agree more, You are a part of Valioso crew, could you tell us a bit more about this concept?

Well, we represent ourselves as a crew, that means we have a fixed Valioso crew beside our Valioso Artist who will be always the base for this purpose. Dominik Grunert, Andre Lemont & Marius White and myself are these members. Valioso Recordings is our medium to spread our taste of music into the world.

Any other artists that you like right now or would love to collaborate with?

Its always a pleasure for me to listen to the tracks of Ada Kaleh, he became a good friend meanwhile and there is already a way of collaboration coming ;)

 That would be very interesting to hear! A favourite track of the moment?

Ada Kaleh – La Apus (Original Mix)

What are your future plans for the rest of 2014 and beyond?

Some exciting projects and events are up for next year which I don’t want to reveal yet, so stay tuned! ;)

We sure will;)  Finally what shall we expect from you for your Moscow gig?

I think, having a lot of fun is the priority for this night!

We won’t expect anything less, stay tuned for Tolga’s podcast coming soon and see you at Shanti on Saturday!