Repeat Music RPTM01 Play.Stop.Repeat


Review by Red Pig Flower

It is always fun to get involved in family business, especially when you have something to be proud of with your family member!

Repeat is an Offenbach (Germany) based label, founded by Matthias Schildger & Carlo Ietri in 2013. The label boasts some very  talented musicians with unusual, characteristic sounds – not surprising as Matt and Carlo, the label owners,  care deeply about the label and adhere to a strict musical policy. After three remarkable  digital releases, the label grew more and more on its audience. Not surprisingly their first  vinyl release is set to be something special.

Ok, now let’s tak about the tracks!  Personally I love both of the original tracks so much that after I got to know Wigbert t and had a honour of getting a remix remix from him,  Wigbert became truly one of my favourite  artists. His typically super strong kick always works really well on the danceflorr  even though the grooves he makes are creepy and kinky ( in goood way, of course) The other track made by Matt Star and Marvin is very experimental and dubby, but hey, we need this mood on the dancefloor, it’s not just about 4/4. Dorian Paic’s Pianorama Remix is pretty housy, and Dragosh Remix is indeed Romanian style’s bad ass thing!

Personally, I’ve been waiting for this release so long and so much, and also I am not only one to wait for this first vinyl release, big up for repeat music crew. link