Soul.on 006 VA


Review by Red Pig Flower

Hey guys, It’s been a while, Red pig flower here again. I found that since I started working on my own label I got a tendency to lock myself away in my own circle and not explore other music as much. Yet I must not forget that apart from being a label owner I am also a DJ and a music lover and it is important not to lose this soulful or shamanic feeling of djing.

Then I got to listen to the latest VA ep from Soul.On and I was pleasantly surprised by what I discovered. In my opinion, all the tracks could work for the dancefloor and it is not often that dancefloor tracks also work for listening and vice versa. What I found is that every track contains a certain kind of character and soul, all the tracks are very different, but glued well together with one concept.

Specifically, in the end of the album, the DJ mix represents their concept even more clearly, it’s dark, sensual, and surealistic. It reminds me of those DJing moments when you can go darker and deeper, and connect with the crowds soul by soul. In the end, I would really like to congratulate all the artists involved in this EP, as well as give a huge clap to the label owners to make this EP happen with 12 different artists! I guess it was not an easy task to perform but the one reason to keep going must have been the passion and belief in the artists and the music, wasn’t it?

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