Picknik Recordings, No.20


Picknik Recordings, No.20

Release date: 15th Sep 2014

French artist Mikolai has come back to “Picknik recordings” with very strong release “High on” , if someone remember his previous release on Picknik which had smooth,sexy, and real groovy productions, this “High on” Ep could give you little bit of fresh shocks,  as it contain dark and atmospheric vibes, the tracks contain creepy synth sounds and dreamy vocals, specially  atmosphere of 2nd title track “she scared” is just amazing, will gives you goose bomb by female’s mourning vocal. However, while holding creepy atmosphere, all the tracks hasn’t missed groovy part neither, by miko’s drum programming talent, tracks have fat and punching   kicks and flying hi hats, which are enough to make you shake on the dance floor.

Also, remix part is very interesting, one of old member of the label “Antony constans” made remix for Miko to show their friendship and unity of music, as a result, the remix comes out with cheeky tricky minimal groove.

In the end, the combination of original 4 tracks and remix, makes this EP complete as a “Real quality underground dance music”, as you consider autumn time is coming for dark little basement parties,  any of track can not be missed.

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