Hisham Synesthésie Générale on Udopiya Dusk & Dawn


Review by Leander

The Moroccan based event group has pushed its vision and reach forward by releasing their first record by the talented Hisham, with a melodic and melancholic collection of tracks.

The EP starts of with a groove monster entitled ‘Joy’. With simplistic bass impressions and a gated snare the track flows throughout nine minutes, taking the listener on a sonic trip with delicate percussion work and an abstract as well as unique representation of a dance track.

We move on to the second track named ‘Blue’, in which Hisham draws inspirations from grooving break beats and intricate glitch assembling. A thick kick drum keeps the rather free flowing track in order, whilst synthetic swells complete it beautifully. An uplifting early morning track for all after hour lovers.

‘Melanoman’ similarly to ‘Blue’ moves in break beats, with a snappy snare and a round kick. With abstract piano work Hashim builds an atmospheric yet grooving track, which builds anticipation and combines melodic aspects of dance music with the darker sides if it.

The EP finds its ending with the track ‘Aqualung’, a rapid grooving piece, with Hisham’s signature piano work, combined with micro- house infused beats and swelling synths. A truly mysterious sounding track, with incredibly rhythmic understanding and beautiful use of atmospheric elements.

A great first release for both Udopiya and Hisham!

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