Half Baked 005 Robin Ordell JC EP


Review by Leander

Its always exciting to see that Half Baked is about to release their next record, as they’re always a treat to listen to as well as play out. After having released on the first Half Baked Various Artist as well as two releases on Seuil’s Eklo imprint, Robin Ordell returns to Half Baked with a bomb of an EP entitled ‘JC EP’.

The EP starts with an ever so funky, micro- house infused track named ‘Five Majors’.  Wonderful rhythmic work simply convinces the listener to do nothing but smile and move, whilst atmospheric glitches and funky vocal samples build a solid backbone for the track.

‘Nobody Loves Bishopsgate’ starts of subtler, yet works its way towards a solid punch, with intense hi-hat work, dictating the groove smartly. Again we can hear Robin’s style  in the vocals samples and panning glitches, which make the track a delight to listen to.

‘Nobody Loves Bishopsgate’ gets a rework by the respected Vera, whose remixes are always slightly surprising and incredibly groovy. Vera’s unique understanding, as well as own interpretation of what dance music is, makes her work a beautiful listening experience, on as well as off the dance floor. Again, it’s no different with her remix for Robin’s track, a dark and beautifully composed, mesmerising work.

Last but definitely not least, Robin closes the EP with ‘Kosma’ and with it he shows off some serious production skills, with smartly placed filtered vocals and smoothly swinging drums. A signature sound, something most producers out there dream off! Once again Half Baked do not disappoint, and Robin Ordell steps up with an incredible EP!