Interview with Kashawar


Hi Sergej! Great to speak to you again here on HDNSM and we hear a lot has happened since our last chat! First of all, your album Moments and Lost memories is finally out on Autoreply! Amazing work! How did you get involved with this great label?

Hey hey, first of all, thank you for the chat guys :) . “Moments And Lost Memories” isn’t a real album, it’s more of a series and will be finished late this year with the third part. This project should have been released on another label, but they had some problems and Dicken (Och) hooked me up for his label Autoreply. We have been sharing our music for a while, but after he heard the “Moments And Lost Memories” tracks, he really felt for  them and signed the whole package of 3 vinyls. Thats the best that could happen for those tracks, i’m very happy about the end of the story after a long time of waiting and release delays.

What was behind the decision to separate it into parts? Do you think it has changed the perception of the project by the audience?

As it is not a real album but I still had the idea to put some pieces together to get the final context in the end. Thats why I wanted to keep those tracks together and not just as  single Eps. There are some old and new works, collected over the time of 3 years. Those tracks have also a personal meaning with all their little stories behind every track. The different parts work together with an intro track, some ups and downs, not pure dancefloor material.

We really liked your release on Gua and of course the legendary Mosaic and most recently La Peña. Could you tell us more about the tracks and what were your influences?

And the Ep with Yate on PLR, haha.

Of course! Big up to  our friends at Project London Records;)

Most of them were collaborations between friends, like the tracks with Yate. We know each other for a long time now, I’ve been playing a few times at their events in Odessa (which were one of my best parties, btw) so we have a good relationship and share the same ideas in music.

Same for Gua Camole, they are good friends and we just like to do some music together. They are also Project London artists now, by the way.

The track on La Peña was inspired by an old 90’s tune, so I decided to edit that track and make my own version of it. I sent an unfinished sample of the groove to Einzelkind because I  knew he is into that oldschool stuff. He liked that tune and signed before it was finished. There are also other amazing tracks on that V/A by Volkan Akin, Sascha Dive, Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind.

To release with Steve O’Sullivan on Mosaic is still a little bit unreal for me.

What was it like collaborating with Steve O’Sullivan for Mosaic?

I’m very happy and proud to be part of the legendary Mosaic. Labels like Mosaic, Perlon, Trelik or Autoreply are a big part of my development as an artist. The sound of those labels and people like Steve O’Sullivan, Och, Babyford, Ricardo Villalobos or Zip inspired me a lot. Collaborating with Steve O’Sullivan for Mosaic sounded unbelievable. The collaboration between us was exciting and I could also learn something, it’s amazing to get involved into the whole Mosaic circle.

You are quite selective with regards to labels you work with, what are your criteria for the label?

Well it’s hard to say, a good relationship between label and artist is very important. It should be based on friendship, same ideas and all those things. I want to keep it familiar.

We hear you will also release on Ruis soon.  How did you get involved with the label and  what should we expect from the release?

Yes it will be an Ep of three tracks, you will hear it soon ;)

Any other exciting projects you have planned or are involved into these days?

Always busy! Just keep your eyes and ears open. From time to time I’m uploading some previews on my soundcloud, to keep the people updated about projects.

What about projects under different names/aliases?

I like to work with different aliases, maybe you will find one of them in future;)

We saw you playing a lot together with Marius Moede, can you tell us more about that b2b team up?

Marius is a good friend and a talented DJ. We have the same taste in music, our sets are grooving very well together. We’re also thinking about an alias for our dj sets and maybe for producing in future.

How has your style changed and evolved in the recent years, with regards to both DJ sets and productions?

I can finally say I have arrived at the point when I’m finally happy with myself. As a DJ I’m open minded and curious at digging records every day, spending a lot of time at searching for records from old to new, from groovy house to deep minimal or dub techno and electro break beats, I love all kinds of music and like to play a mix of different styles.

As a producer I feel appreciated by many people and it’s an great feeling. I’ve finally found my way of doing music and just enjoy to do whatever I want without having a focus to produce something for the dancefloor.

You are performing  at the legendary Club Der Visionaere this month, have you played there before? Do you have something special planned for this gig?

This is  a gig that I’ve been waiting for a long time! CDV is definitely one of my favorite clubs. There is a special atmosphere at this place, you can play very deep and long sets, at day and night. I can’t wait to be there :)

When will we see you next in London?

Hopefully soon, there is no date for London at the moment.

What have been the highlights of 2014 so far and are your plans for the rest of the year?

There have been a few! One of those was my gig at Loud at the little microclub Macarena in Barcelona, amazing vibe there and I really enjoyed to play a long b2b set with Sbri, one of the residents, we played from warmup until the end together. Barcelona is also a beautiful city and a skateboarding paradise, so it was great to be there for me as a skater for many years. Also the gigs in Rome at Circolo Degli Illuminati, Athens at Revolt and the impressing Klubd in Cyprus were amazing too.

Finally, favourite track of the moment or any artists we should watch out for?

Watch out for Ztrl, he has some nice stuff, also something coming on PLR. The guys from Frankfurt around the Traffic label, like Patrick Klein, Martyne and Julien Bracht. Another Frankfurt based artist is Robin Scholz, he has releases on labels like Pressure Traxx and Rawax, serious oldschool grooves. Also an interesting newcomer, Paul Walter from the Doeasy label in Vienna. Yate will come up with some big releases in future and the Gua Camole duo will have a nice Ep on the new Mode of Expression label. 

Thank you so much for this interview and good luck for all your projects!!!