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Hi Ferro! Nice to chat to you here on HDNSM, how are you??

I’m doing great, just found a new studio space here in Amsterdam which isn’t the easiest thing to do. 

Sounds great and now you are coming to London! Would this weekend be your first time playing here?  Are you looking forward to it, what do you expect from London scene?

Yes it is! I have actually never been to London so I’m pretty excited to come over. I met some artists from London last year and some of them already have become good friends. This, of course, happened because of the common love for music that we share. They already told me a lot about the city and the London scene and about the evolvement of this underground music.

You hail from Amsterdam, how do you feel the scene is different there from other places you performed at?

The biggest difference for me is the big amount of festivals here,  in and around Amsterdam. I don’t know a place in the world that has so many festivals in a year as Amsterdam. A summer in Amsterdam is pretty fun. There are a lot of new locations popping up each year and as a DJ in Amsterdam a gig is never the same. What I discovered is that the scene here is very chaotic compared to other places. A lot of different genres are played in a lot of different clubs. There isn’t one club specifically for one kind of genre. This same phenomenon is occurring at festivals. There are side stages popping up, alongside the main stages, with more eclectic music styles. I’m actually not a big fan of this because I think that the quality of the music suffers and a lot of DJs are adapting by playing a lot of different music in one set. Basically Amsterdam has a very busy, eclectic and chaotic scene.

How did you first start your musical career? What inspired/influenced you?

I already started recording “music” when I was 4 or 5 years old with “My First Sony”. Acting as an MC on all my dad’s cassettes. Actually screaming all day until my parents asked me kindly to shut the fuck up. Later on I started my own drive-in show. I bought old crappy speakers, disco lights and a fog machine. Once I screamed that there was a fire in my bedroom. You should have seen my moms face when she came up to check out what was happening, haha. When I was 13 I started playing at high schools in the area I grew up. When I was 15 I had my first club gig. When I was asked to play, I actually asked if they needed some extra speakers, lights or a fog machine…

The thing that influenced me during my youth and still does is jazz and classical music. I love the idea of “jamming”. The freedom of jamming is very important. I really hate manufactured music. I don’t like the idea of working on a track for a month. All my tracks I made in one day. They are a representation of my feelings at that moment. Another thing that inspires me all the time is nature. During the week I try to get out of the city every now and then to see some forests, lakes or rivers. This way I forget all the chaos that’s going on in cities, it’s not that new ideas come to me during these little trips but it’s more a way of resetting my mind. 

We really like your recent release “ Adult Fishing” on Moss Co records imprint, could you tell us a bit more about the tracks and what they mean to you, the influences behind their creation?

The story about Adult Fishing for me is a bit of a weird one for me. Normally I’m sober when making music. So I was this day in the studio. I was working for 7 hours straight on all different kinds of shit. Literally shit. And the later it got the more stressed I got. So I thought calling it a day when a friend was dropping by to pick me up in order to score some beers. While we were making our plans for the night I started to make another “shitty” loop which became Adult fishing. I didn’t have any particular influence from something for this track, it just was there suddenly.

Well the EP did turn out great, after all! By the way, the name of the EP really intrigued me, personally, “Adult Fishing”, what does it mean?

Well after a few beers my friend told me to hurry up because he wanted to do some ”milf hunting”. He got a bit angry because I was searching for excuses to finish the track and maybe because I had to finish the track quickly it became the way it is now. Basically I just searched for some synonyms for the track title. Milf Hunting -> Adult Fishing… hehe

LOL!!! I imagned something along those lines…No judging here! Is this your first vinyl release? Does it mean we would see more of your productions released on vinyl in the future?

 Yes, well this isn’t my first vinyl release. I did a track called Module on a sampler on Karton and Semmer on Infuse. My future releases will be mostly on vinyl. Releasing on vinyl is some kind of reward for the long-term development I had to experience to become the producer I am today. You are part of the production of a physical product and that’s satisfying.

 Yes, we heard some really good things about Karton when we had Roon play at one of our shows. You have also released on Moss Co’s sister label Moscow Records. How did you get involved with this great label?

 Archie, the label owner of Moss Co & Moscow records asked me to make a release. He heard some music of me and was interested. I have to say he became a great friend and I’m happy we made some music together. 

 Yes, could not agree more, Archie is a great artist and has an awesome label!  Tzinah Records and Moral Fiber are two other great imprints in you portfolio. Could you tell us a bit more about those productions?

 All the productions I did on these labels I made “in the box” (with computer only). At this time I didn’t work with analog machines yet and I learned a lot from these releases. I am happy that the founders of Moral Fiber and Tzinah gave me the opportunity to release the music that I liked at that moment. My way of creating music has changed a lot since then. I made these tracks when I was 18 at the time and was developing my musical taste. At the moment I think that my music has become more mature.

Going from strength to strength! Last but not least your release on Fuse’s label Infuse. How does it feel to be a part of Fuse family and does it mean we would see more of you in London from now on?

 It feels great to be a part of Fuse. I heard some amazing stories about the Fuse parties and can’t wait to actually attend one and I will definitely come more often to London. If it’s possible and I’ve enough energy left I will go to Fuse on Sunday.

 We will sure see you there! This weekend you are playing, of course, at IA 1st birthday party. Could you tell us a bit about your involvement with the brand and what is it all about?

 The first thing that I like about its Aloud is the title of the event. Parties were things aren’t aloud aren’t the best ones. I like that the emphasis is on freedom and this will have a positive effect on the party.

 Sounds like a great party to us! Playing alongside the likes of Baby Ford must be really exciting. Any artists you love playing alongside or anyone in particular who has been an influence or inspiration?

 I’m lying if I tell you it don’t bothers me who’s on the line up with me. Baby Ford has always been an influence to me and I played a lot of Baby Ford’s tracks last years. The whole Perlon label has been a great inspiration and I still play Perlon records every set.

Wow,  we definitely share the love of Perlon. Any favourite track of the moment? What should we expect from your performance this Saturday?

 It’s maybe an old track but I really like this track at the moment and I play it a lot just to listen to it at home and in the studio. Efdemin – Cowbell

 Nice! We just had Efdemin play at Fabric here last weekend! Finally, what are you future plans and exciting projects for 2014?

As I mentioned before I am in a very good mood at the moment due the fact that I’ve found a new studio space. This summer I will play at a lot of festivals and parties and while I’m doing this I have to finish my study at SAE. In al my spare time I will sit in the studio trying to make new music!

Looks like you have your hands full!  Thank you for this interview. Keep up the great work and we are looking forward to your performance this weekend!

Thank you!

Catch Ferro this weekend at IA’s 1st Birthday party at Metropolis

Get  his latest release on Moss Co records on Juno


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