Thorsten Hammer Interview


Hi Thorsten!

Nice to meet you and chat to you here on HDNSM

Hello to all first. I have to thank you. It is a pleasure for me to be here and talk with you.

You have recently released on your label Ametist Records. How did you start the label and what is the story behind it? What is the main concept of the label?

Yes that is right. I start to think about our own label with a good friend in 2010 but we did not really know in that time how tohandle this all and the most important thing – how it works. Of course I was into music before – but to run a own label is a completely  different thing. After the first steps, talks, meetings and dinners with some good friends and much more input about what is to do, the concept was born and I founded the label in 2011.The main concept of the label is based on friendship, partnership, love and high quality music from fresh and new artists mixed with well known artists. Quality is they key – not quantity. The label philosophy is as simple as demanding:  helping talented producers and DJs to release their fresh music without depending on major label structure.  We build up a great and good producer and artist family with persons from different corners of this planet till now and try to build up a group that helps each other and  grow together.

What does it take for an artist to release on Ametist Records and what is the music policy?

The most important thing for us is the quality and creativity of the the material that the artists send over. The second thing is the way it is presented by means such as soundcloud page, social media sites and of of course the artists personality. The Label sound is focused on Minimal , Deep House, Techhouse and Techno and I think we are really open minded in that way..The quality  and creativity– the most important thing: we want to have real musicians, producers, artists !

Do you release vinyl, digital or both? Do you have a preference?

Yes we release both mediums, digital and vinyl, but not every EP comes on Vinyl. I come from Vinyl, I learned to play with Vinyl, so I prefer vinyl of course, but for me a digital release is also great: the important thing is  that the label does  a good job!

Could you tell us a bit more about the tracks on your Green Windows EP and what your influences have been for them?

Yes – my Green Windows Ep is one of the next coming out releases on Ametist Records. It ncludes two fantastic and really well produced Remixes. The first Remix comes from Negru,  he is from Romania and is a resident DJ of the well known DC10 Crew and he delivers a massive summer techhouse track. When I listened to it for the first time, I really thought I can smell the summer, but you can hear it yourself – let me know if you smell it too. :-) The second remix comes from our German friend SebastianWojkowski.  After great releases in the past under the project Richtberg & Wojkowski on different labels like Strictly Rhythm // Gruuv Rec. // Variante Music // Pura Music // Great Stuff Rec. // Monique Musique // Amused Rec. and many more and his move to “Zürich` / Switzerland, he is back again and brings out high quality stuff. Another great artist – check him out!

You are  part of Natural Rhythm roster. How did you get involved with this agency and what are your future plans with them?

Right. I work really close and hard with Horatio,  he is the Label Founder and  Owner of Natural Rhythm.We disscussed and worked out a lot of ideas and one of this is to present you in the near future Natural Rhythm / Ametist showcases. Developing and growing both labels and the artists !

How would you describe your music style to someone who never heard you before?

A blend of techouse  and techno with various influences

You come from Germany – famous for its electronic music scene. How has the scene changed and developed since when you first started out?

The Scene like all is allways in change. In good ways – and in bad ways but we have a great scene here in Germany, we don’t even need to doubt that! However, as an artist it is not always easy here – like in other countries too!We have a lot of creative promoter/producer/clubs and people that work in this scene and for the scene but I have the feelings that we lost a little bit the family vibe and all goes around money money money..  I think this is the wrong way, it has to be for the love of music!

 Favourite gig up to this date and where?

I had a few great and fantastic gigs in Europe like the `Talentfrei Festival` in

Bern/Switzerland or in Sofia in a fantastic smaller club ….However, the one that really took me to to another level was my first gig in Lisbon/Portugal ! It was something like a rave in a old warehouse on 2 floors..I played there together with my buddy `Mikalogic` the whole night back2backand we tested some new unreleased stuff together and just had a fantastic night and played the AfterHour in Club Europe than too. Lisbon has a small  but fantastic music scene with great artists and the people are really lovely and have a good heart. Last but not least, of course,  Ibiza – the white magic place – to be directly on the beach and on a catamaran was fantastic.

What is your favourite track at the moment?

Horatio’s  “Lee has a good day” is a killer track as Sven Tasnadi´s Remix for Loui Fernandez and his track `Kazuco” too. Also I play a lot the Alex Celler Remix from my Radhika EP and a lot of more good stuff…

What are your plans for 2014 and beyond?

My plans for to 2014 are to grow with my Label, the artists and me, deliver high quality productions, releasing my own first album and getting more out and play as a DJ  or live in clubs and open air events again.

Thank you, Thorsten!

It was great chatting to you

Listen to Thorsten Hammer’s latest release here



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