Suolo Chart Top 10


01. Rar – The Tool [Cocoon]-2014-02-24

02. Deivimal – Flor del moment o ayer (Andrey Djackonda Remix) [Conceptual]

03. g76 – R6 [unreleased]

04. Yourayo – Tremor [Æternum Music]-2014-02-10

05. Ztrl -Part [Tape Hiss]-2014-03-03

06. Vincent Iulian – Nemeta (Adsum Remix) [Naural]

07. Rainer & Patrice Meiner – Turners Murder [Redpanda]

08. Ada Kaleh – Zana Zorilor [Ada Kaleh Romania]-2014-03-03

09. Sollmy – Coroana [Coming soon on Capodopere]

10. Chazzy Chaz – Malfunctions [Dessau]

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