Interview with Soul.On Records


Hi guys! How are you? We are really impressed with the latest input from your label Soul.On! With first release from Kashawar and Nu Zau we expected nothing less than an amazing second release and are really excited to chat to you

Soul.on is a great name – what does it mean, how did it all get started?

The idea is that you always should put your soul on [sic] whatever you do as we do with the records we produce. Another meaning came when we started the project Soul.On: there was a room next door to Grand Theatre near Kremlin in the heart of Moscow, place of culture, power and Russian soul. It was a fully underground place, when you got there you disappear into another reality. We made there modern art exhibitions and, of course, play techno music. A lot of people of the art world gather there:  musicians, painters, designers and poets. It was a place of freedom where the main idea was music, art and mind.  There Soul.On records were born.

Sounds like an amazing place to be at! What is the concept and musical policy of the label?

Concept is in producing music with deep meaning in it, in different colours of techno sound, micro house and minimal. It is ethnic and experimental sometimes but it’s always something special. Concept also is forming our own style, even the sound of future. We work a lot on each of our releases, high quality of sound is our goal, thats why we work with one of the best mastering studios “Dubplates and Mastering” from Berlin. Each of our EPs  is hand made to show full talent of artists featured in it. We don’t send and share our tracks everywhere to everybody to become famous because we produce special music for special people who can understand it.

What does it take for an artist to be signed to Soul.On and what are you looking for?

We are an art community, to come into it at  first  producer must have an e idea on his tracks and deep meaning  and the second must be the kind person he/she is!

You have a vinyl but also the digital side to the label – what is the difference between the two and how do you select artists for each?

The idea for vinyl releases of Soul.on is to collect seven plates, named «Seven Souls Collection»,  which will capture music and cultural cut of our generation. So we scrupulously work on music and choose producers for vinyl releases. But we also product digital formats of nominative EP’s. It is also something special for us, we work a lot on each one of  these compilations of best artist works and remixes on their tracks fully showcase its colour.  Each one is a treasure for us.

We start our digital from Hamit Darvish’s EP -Huso.  Then Octavian – Gravity Ep and now waiting for release of Elysee , His EP named Yellow with great remix from Anestie Gomez, exclusive sound.

The label has a really cool logo and artwork – who is the author and how important is artwork for Soul.On?

We believe in Techno music so it has a religious meaning, it is a flower, it is Soul of Life, all our feelings and ideas are concentrated in it.  Artworks made by professional designer and for digital EP covers it is picture of sound in it, deep colours with deep meaning. So they are holistic artworks with special style for us.

Your first vinyl release with Kashawar and Nu Zau , a great work, which has undoubtedly firmly put the label on the electronic music map, could you tell us a bit more about this release? Why did you choose those particular artists and how did you start working with them?

We meet with these guys on our project called  Understand Me, it started in fall club season of 2012. Idea was to show Moscow club public the new wave of European sound and invite young and not so, at the time, well-known in Russia  producers: Kashawar, Nu Zau and Little Hado.  The gigs went really well and they made a real mark on Russia’s techno scene. As you say particular artists, with huge talent came to our family and to our first soul vinyl and we are very proud of this release.

Could you shed some light on the second vinyl release with Ztrl featuring a remix by Laurine Frost?

It is our second vinyl release, and first EP for Ztrl.  It is pure Ztrl’s minimalistic style with remix from Laurine Frost. They are both Hungarians and have special sound feeling.  Laurine made 12 minutes long rework on Samsara track, it is so deep and hypnotic, very clear sound.  It is on presale now so don’t miss this limited wax!

What about the digital side to the label – what have you got planned, which artists would be involved and how often will this edition of the label come out?

We now work on our next EP from Russian artist named Sumau with remix from Little Hado as well as working  with two talented producers Alejandro Dengra from Spain and Kai Kaitaro, Japanese living in Berlin thus Soul.On is connecting East with West!

 You have  had some showcases already in Moscow,  have you got any more planned? Abroad, perhaps?

We are professional event organisers, we make gigs since 2009 and it always something special.  These are parties with art exhibitions, visual installations in closed clubs or unique places. We planned showcases with our artists for 2014 in Moscow and of course will think to show something in Europe.

What have been your favourite aspects of running your own label as well as any difficulties you have faced on the way?

Difficulty?  Yes, mostly in the technical and legal aspect but we hope to overcome it as music does not need any barriers.  We do love what we do and get more pleasure than difficulty from our work.

What are your plans for 2014 and which direction will the label take?

No more words of plans, let it be a good surprise ;-)

Thank you so much for this interview and we can’t wait for the next Soul.On edition!




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