Top 10: Roon

Roon Press Shot 3

01. OdD- Sumerian Rhythm-[Moscow Records]

02. P Jones- Blackstone Westbrook-[unreleased]

03. Roon-Glaced-[unreleased]

04. Atlantzii-anTIlopa-[Youth invasion VA]-2012-22-11

05. Dan Cristian & Pas Q-pas dan 2-[unreleased]

06. Verico- Ambifoco-[Amphia]-2013-11-21

07. Bfz-So they say-[Trelik Records]-2013-22-11

08. Nastia- Maslo(Fumiya Tanaka remix)-[Nilla]-2013-11-20

09. Mariin-Locul 6-[unreleased]

10. Sab Titos-Shadaloo-[unreleased]

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