[HB003] BirdsMakingMachine – BirdsMakingMachine EP


Artist: BirdsMakingMachine
Title: BirdsMakingMachine EP
Cat: HB003
Format: Vinyl Only
Label: Half Baked Records
Release Date : First week of December 2013

For its third chapter, Half Baked Records presents an EP from the producers collective of BirdsMakingMachine. The Birds stay true to their sound, a clever balance between ethereal atmospheres and swinging minimal house production.
The first track of the A side, “King Pulga”, is a special futuristic piece, elegantly balancing trippy heady melodies, a driving groove and melancholic chords, a true journey.
The second track, “Gnip Gnop”, is a stripped down jazzy tool with a more classic deep house approach, multi layered fxs and delayed chords that will hypnotize you.
Remix duty comes from Japanese Techno don, Fumiya Tanaka, scrambling and relocking the elements in a clockwork groove that will no doubt unfold his full potential on club systems.

A1. King Pulga
A2. Gnip Gnop
B. Gnip Gnop (Fumiya Tanaka Remix)

Review by Leander

Besides a film, featuring a man who may be the worlds best Rick James impersonator and an ice cream which predominantly gets consumed by those watching this film, Half Baked has become a household name in the business, as a event productions company, to a booking agency & a banging vinyl only label.

For the their third release, the Half Baked family has invited BirdsMakingMachine to cook up some grooves, and offer Japans Techno Messiah, Fumiya Tanaka, to add a remix to the palette (that, btw, is a formula for a successful record…keep it in mind).

On the A- Side, the artist collective present us with “King Pulpa”, a forward driving rhythm of dry hats, a feel-it-in-the-chest bumping kick & a sine bass line taking us with on the ride.  A simple grooving melody enhances the tracks drive, as melancholic ambient melodies complete the space, and make us forget time. “Gnip Gnop”, on the A2, explores a fusion of futuristic jazz with dubbed down grooves. A perfect balance of sounds and groove makes this a six- minute tool to not miss out on.

The B-Side belongs to Tanaka, eleven minutes and five seconds of Tanaka to be precise. With this trip of a track the man proofs, once again his wide range of composition. The track is an incredibly creative approach of remixing the A2 banger “Gnip Gnop”, featuring a minimalistic rhythm, with a controlled chaos of small grooves and effects shaking at the core of the music. Overdriven yet right- on- spot rhythmic vocals make this an epic yet minimalistic soundscape which is just waiting to hypnotise you.

Just like the similar named, and herbal- enthusiasts favourite Ice Cream flavour, this record is a mix of ingredients, only you can totally consume these tunes everyday (I advice you to do different with the ice cream…) A big EP full moments & contemporary sounds, nostalgic and melancholic at times, yet uplifting in their essence. Basically:  just get this record.

Congratulations to Half Baked for their 4th Birthday and to the artists of this mind boggling 3rd release. Keep them coming!

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