HDNSM # 80: Iuly.B

iuly.b hndsm

Iuly.B is a 20 year-old romanian DJ and producer who discovered his passion for electronic music when he was only 15. Being very attached to the house and techno sounds, he learned about music production, releasing his first EP in late 2010. With small steps,his music was released by labels like Tzinah Records, Moral Fiber, Moscow Records, Savor, Fear of Flying, allowing him to sign his first vinyl release at Bouq, a 4-track EP including Butch’s edit, plus a digital one, reaching #1in the deejay.de techno charts and being supported by Ricardo Villalobos, Butch, Loco Dice, Dubfire, Raresh and many others. For the near future, he signed two more vinyl releases with Claque Musique and Serkal Music which will come out with surprise remixes from top names of the current scene.

00-05 Iuly.B – Lazy       [Moral Fiber Music]
05-11 Iuly.B – Phara      [Moscow Records]
11-17 Iuly.B – Tamb
17-22 Iuly.B – Morph
22-28 Iuly.B – Boreal
28-34 Iuly.B – Tormented  [Serkal Music – soon]
34-40 Iuly.B – Invis      [Serkal Music – soon]
40-46 Iuly.B – Frequp     [bouq.]
46-53 Iuly.B – Empath     [Claque Musique – soon]
53-60 Iuly.B – Fractal

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