Cymatic London #3 with Matteo Manzini // Vlad Caia // Miss I // Tulbure // at Ground 281

Date / Friday, 22 November 2013
Time / 22:00 – 06:00
Venue / Ground 281  / 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS
Cost / 10£/12£/15£
Line-up /
Matteo Manzini(DAMAGED) //
TULBURE (TC Studio )
Promoter /

With it being our last party of the year we are very excited to bring you a mix of talents that will drive you through the night like a runaway rollercoaster!

At our previous events we had the pleasure of seeing you guys support the artists that you love. Even with the unbearable heat at Barac and Herodot – the energy and support was immense and we thank you once again

Thus we are making an effort as well. This time round we are reaching into our favourite forward thinking eastern european scene & city…Bucharest. We’re combining the upcoming talents of London with experience from Romania. The result is a line up that will keep the energy high till sunrise and beyond. As you might have noticed ,we want to bring to you artists that love what they do ,love music and not quantity , but quality and diversity ….in any shape or form ,no matter what style ,bpm or genre.

– First on the list we have Matteo Manzini representing the DAMAGED. Well known and much loved he challenges the crowd at every gig with new and exciting mixes.

– To spice things up we have invited our beloved friend and Groove On Radio’s shining lady – Miss I. Taking some time out from her busy schedule in Romania and representing her beloved record shop Misbits , she’s here to show us where the current ideas and thoughts are leading .

– After our intense journey through the sounds of Amphia label at our first party with Cristi Cons, the next logical move would be to invite the other half of this special duo – Vlad Caia.

– Matei Tulbure! If you missed him in Kazantip earlier this year or in one of London’s infamous underground basements – now’s your chance. Bringing TC STUDIO to life with his hypnotic sound & rhythmic beats we are over excited to hear what he has in store for us.


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