Top 10: KIM


01. BFZ- So They Say- [Trelic]-2013-12-15

02. Birdsmakingmachine – Gnip Gnop – Fumiya Tanaka Rmx-[Half Baked Records]-2013-12

03 Visullucid – SW-[Contur]-2013-11

04. Laurine Frost- Mountain Wilson-[Sharington Records]-2013-11–swings-of-liberty/

05. Nu Zau-Angajat De Mai-[Æternum Music]-2013-10-11

06. Ahu _ Ever (in my mind)

07. Vlad Caia – Subject 238 – [Pluie/Noir]-

08. Hubble- Not So Secret Diary-[Not So Secret Diary]-2013-06-12

09. Dewalta/Voigtmann – Semi-Flying Objects -[Hello?Repeat]

10. Daze Maxim -DRF1-[Randform]


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