Octavian: Gravity EP

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Octavian Gravity EP

Handmade digital ”Gravity” EP – from Octavian on Soul.on records. Gravity EP is the second digital release on Soul.on records. It was made by a collaboration of artists, label managers and mastering studio all in abouthalf a year, to make it an interesting, holistic composition. Octavian worked long and hard on  his music yet with passion,so with the same passion track by track was collected this EP. Even the artwork was made by a painter like a vision of sound, freshand little mysterious. The gems of this EP  are  Not Him aka (Andreas Bergman) and Efferos remixes on the ”Gravity” track, who made something special in their own style.  This The Ep will be released on beatport soon, enjoy the sound!

Review by Leander

Soul.On returns to the digital realm with a new exciting release, from young Romanian talent Octavian. The EP is entitled Gravity and contains four original pieces and two intricate remix works by Not Him and Efferos.

The title track “Gravity” quickly unfolds to be a bass heavy groove monster, with intricate micro house elements. Short hat hits fly throughout the scape, and metallic swells  add to the mysterious flow of the track. The uplifting breaks of the track complemented by spoken words take the listener on a fairy tale of a track. The track is remixed by both Efferos and Not HimEfferos takes “Gravity” a little deeper and compresses it with a smart groove and complex hat movements. A smart rhythmic interpretation of the vocals rounds the remix up nicely, and leaves us with a beauty of a track. The Netherlands based Not Him opens his interpretation of the title track with a crystal clear sound, accompanied by a full & grooving kick. The track works its way smartly towards a complete break down of detailed groove, a fulfilling bass line, and a reoccurring synth theme flying in the far.

Octavian completes the EP with three more tracks entitled “Graphys”, “True Story” and “The Other Half”. “Graphys” features old school inspired drums, with a contemporary take on groove and atmosphere. Any exhausted feet will immediately regain energy to move mesmerised by a deep beat full of smartly placed percussions and uplifting melodies. “True Story” works its way through dark, filtered percussions, grooving through the deep. Swelling tones rise and fall side by side to the driving rhythm. The shaking baseline reinforces the strength of the groove and creates a wonderful piece of music. Last but not least “The Other Half” explores a mix of percussive and dubby dusty soundscapes. A solid groove takes us through a story of tones accompanying each other blissfully, and quiet naturally makes the listener want to sway with it forever.

Overall a great new EP from Soul.On, an ever growing label with beautiful output so far, Octavian’ s EP is correctly entitled ‘Gravity’ for the simple fact that with every track we are motivated at times to simply take off, to the point that the tracks pull us straight back down to the ground into the depths of the groove.

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